305 East Wallace Street, Virginia City, MT

(406) 843-5377

Status: Operational Seasonal Historic Hotel


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This hotel was built in the 1880’s and originally called the Anaconda Hotel and Saloon.

It went through a number of owners; of note is Frank and Amanda Mckeen as after Frank died in the early 20th century Amanda ended her own life on the property. In the 1940’s Charles and Susan Bovey bought the hotel and changed the name to the Fairweather Inn. It was named after Bill Fairweather who discovered gold nearby.

It is a small hotel – only 8 rooms – and only open seasonally (mid-June to Mid-September) but is filled with antiques and perfect for anyone looking to go back in time to a century ago.


Paranormal Activity

The hotel can become so active more than a few guests have left in the middle of the night.

It is said to be haunted by the multiple ghosts of children. They can be heard running back and forth in the hallways in the night. Reports indicate they will open and close your room’s door whether it is locked or not. They’re known for moving your personal items around your room. They flick the lights on and off and generally behave as you’d expect small children to.

If you bring your children for the stay the ghosts have been known to show themselves to them and encourage them to play.

The apparition of a woman – thought to be Amanda Mckeen - has been seen. She more frequently makes her herself known by phantom footsteps and the sounds of her dress swishing as she walks.