(The Gold Brook Bridge)

Covered Bridge Road off of Gold Brook Road, Stowe, VT

(760) 282-5542

Status: Historic Haunted Covered Bridge


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A picture-perfect covered bridge by day; but by night this 150-year-old legend comes to life. This bridge was built in 1844 and is still used.

There are many stories at as to what happened on this bridge all those years ago, they range from a depressed woman jilted by her lover hanging herself on the bridge to a woman who said she made it all up to scare her children.

Whether Emily was once a living human or is the creation of a tulpa (an actual entity created through pure willpower alone) those that have met her on dark nights do not doubt her existence.


Paranormal Activity

Emily is said to shake cars that stop on the bridge. Claw marks have appeared in people’s cars. The sound of dragging feet is heard on car roofs – as if you were driving under someone hanging from a noose.

Countless people and horses over the years have been scratched while travelling over the bridge. The scratch marks become visible and heal just as a normal scratch would.

Other activity – light anomalies; grunts; phantom voices; sounds of something rubbing on the bridge and dysfunction and odd behavior from electronic equipment.