Emily P bissell Hospital

(Emily P bissell Sanatorium)(Brandywine Sanatorium)

3000 Newport Gap Pike, Wilmington, DE

Status: Former Tuberculosis Sanatorium; Former Hospital; Former Nursing Home; Permanently Closed


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Dr Joseph Wales ran the original 8 bed tuberculosis sanatorium known as the Brandywine Sanatorium. It was located in the Timiken Woods near Brandywine Creek (exact location is unknown).

In 1907 the sanatorium was down to it’s last couple of dollars and had no way to survive the upcoming winter. Dr Wales turned to his cousin, Emily Bissell; who was the President of the Delaware chapter of the Red Cross, and an accomplished fund raiser.

Emily set up a Christmas Seals program through the post office allowing even the poorest people to contribute to the fight again the White Plague; tuberculosis. The $300 needed to get the sanatorium through the winter was quickly raised.

When even President Theodore Roosevelt became interested in the Christmas Seal program it exploded in popularity. By 1910 there it was so successful that the facility moved to a new location (the location it is still in).

By 1919 the facility held 60 beds with another sanatorium across the road for African-Americans, called Edgewood Sanitorium, containing 20 beds.

Emily Bissell continued fund raising for the sanatorium until her death in 1948.

In 1955 the name of the sanatorium to Emily P Bissell. In 1957 as anti-biotics brought and end to the tuberculosis epidemic to an end sanatorium was replaced with hospital.

It is unclear exactly when but the facility was turned into a long term care unit before it was closed down by the State in 2015. By the time the conditions inside the former infirmary – the only part of the original sanatorium still standing – were barely habitable.


Paranormal Activity

Reported Activity: apparitions; shadow figures; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen entities; time slips; electrical disturbances; cold and hot spots; disembodied voices; unexplained noises from whispers to loud bangs; objects moving on their own; objects disappearing and reappearing in other places; light anomalies; unexplained mists; unexplained breezes and mists; physical pains in the chest and coughing and feelings of being watched, not being alone and being followed.