531 S Main Street, Memphis, TN

(901) 523-9754

Status: Burger Bar & Dive



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This building was first used as a dry goods store on the first floor and a brothel on the second floor. Eventually the store would become a bar but the brothel remained open until the State forced its closure.

Throughout its many owners it always remained either a bar or restaurant or both which it remains today. Ernestine and Hazel’s today is a neighborhood establishment with an established and very loyal clientele that still avoids commercialization.


Paranormal Activity

Many apparitions related to the building’s past have been seen including that of a man that was caught on film walking through the front of the building – on the film he is seen as completely see through. The apparitions are most commonly seen near the bar as well as on the second floor.

The phantom face of a man was also seen on the stairway between the first and second floors. A woman’s face is also seen in the doorway of a former second floor bedroom. Phantom voices and whispers have been heard. Shadow figures patrol the building.

Most unique to this haunting is the haunted juke box. Not only will the juke box turn itself on and play music with no one using it but it has been known to seemingly listen to conversations around it and suddenly begin to play music that is appropriate to the conversation. Haunted items are fairly common but one possessing intelligence as this one seems to is extremely rare to say the least.