By Carole Brandt

2355 Calle De Guadalupe, Mesilla

(575) 523-6700



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The restaurant doesn’t really advertise or play up the murders and haunting, but every local knows the legend. The restaurant is in a beautiful 19th century home (1840's, I think) and was a residence until the 1950's; then it was abandoned and even used as a cotton warehouse until restoration in the 70's and 80's. The decor and furnishings are absolutely amazing. The Gold Room is commonly used for large parties or Wedding receptions. They also have a beautiful indoor patio.

The haunted Double Eagle Restaurant is a large adobe building located on the historic Mesilla Plaza where the Gadsden Purchase was finalized when Mexico turned the land purchased over to the United States. It's listed on the National Historic Register and is a shock to enter. You are met with sparkling baccarat crystal chandeliers, beautiful antique art, sculptures, and paintings.

It is believed two teenage ghost lovers haunt the building. This couple is named Armando and Inez, but the story is very familiar. Armando, son of the wealthy family and Inez one of their maids, fall in love. The romance is discovered by the very class-conscious Mother, who quickly fires Inez and sends her from the house.

Mother forbids Armando from seeing Inez but do teenage boys ever listen to their mother? The whole village conspires to support the young lovers but, one unlucky day, Mother comes home early unexpectedly and finds Armando and Inez in Armando's bedroom. Mother is so outraged she grabs her sewing shears and stabs Inez to death. In the struggle, she stabs her own son, Armando. Armando dies three days later and -- according to the locals -- he dies not of his wounds but of a broken heart. But, the important thing is that he dies, because now there are not one but two ghosts haunting the building.


Paranormal Activity

The employees and some customers of the restaurant have tales to tell about their encounters with the ghosts of Armando and Inez.

Armando and Inez have their room at the Double Eagle, but a poltergeist has the run of the rest of the place, especially the long, heavy, carved wood bar, which is illuminated with sparkling chandeliers. The poltergeist flings carving knives across the kitchen floor, rakes wine glasses from shelves, slides dishes across diners’ tables, slams doors in empty rooms, shoves furniture from appointed places, mimics voices of employees, and whispers the names of patrons.

Cali Tellez, a retired county sheriff’s deputy said he responded several times when burglar alarms went off in the Double Eagle. One night, he said, he and other deputies found knives and cooking utensils scattered all across the kitchen floor.

Most telling are the ghost chairs located in the bedroom where both deaths occurred, it is now a small dining room named after the Empress Carlotta of Mexico. These ghost chairs show signs of wear, although sitting in them is forbidden. In the 1980’s after a room was remodeled the ghost of Inez was spotted.

Employees have reported someone calling their name, strong smell of perfume & an apparition of a small woman wearing a black skirt & white blouse. On October 24th 1989 witnesses saw 80 glasses fly off the back shelf onto the floor, only 3 were broken.