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Sleeping Beauty Castle in 2019 after refurbishment

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Disneyland's Main Street, U.S.A. with July 4th decorations

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Disneyland is the first theme park built by the Walt Disney Company.

Originally, it was going to be a tour of Disney Studios in Burbank, but Disney quickly released there was really nothing to entertain people there. Then he picked a property next to Disney Studios but realized there was not enough land available for what he had planned.

In 1953, after a feasibility study, Disney bought 160 acres (65 hectares) of land just outside of Anaheim.

Construction of the park was begun in 1954 and opened on July 17, 1955 in an event that was televised by ABC television network. The first man through the gates received a lifetime pass to the park; he, apparently, still uses it at least once a year.

In 1972 Bear Country (now Critter Country) was opened. This was followed by Mickey’s Toontown (93), Disney’s California Adventure (2001) and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (2019).

Disneyland is the most successful theme park in history.

There have been (up to 2021) 757 million visitors to the park since it opened with another 6.8 million visitors in 2022.


Paranormal Activity

Female cast members have the ribbons in their hair undone by something unseen.

Many props that used in the multiple shows in the park move from room to room on their own; they’ve even moved across the park with no plausible explanation.

There are hidden rooms in the Haunted Mansion used by staff to scare visitors. Some of these rooms have so much paranormal activity and/or etheric energy that many cast members refuse to enter them.

Also, in the Haunted Mansion phantom music has sometimes been heard since it was constructed but this phenomena has never be explained. The Spellbook in the Séance Room is also said to be real and is known for moving on it’s own at night.

The secret apartment – that’s not such a secret – above the Fire Station on Main Street was once the personal apartment of Walt Disney before his death in 1966. The light is always left on as a tribute to the man who created the Disney Empire.

Reports say that if the light is turned off, usually by accident, it will turn back on on it’s own. There is also a story that at least one Disney employee has heard “I’m still here” in the apartment. Legend says Walt himself haunts the apartment.

Behind the apartment the phantom smell of cigarette smoke is often smelt by security. While no one can smoke here now it is the spot where Walt would grab a quick smoke out of eyesight of the children in the park.

Phantom footsteps and knocks are also frequently heard in the apartment.

The apparition of a large man with red hair often appears in the seats next to single riders on Space Mountain. He also appears in the cast locker room at the Mountain.

Disco Debbie is often seen near Space Mountain as well. She is reported as having died behind the ride from a brain aneurism and usually appears as a green mist or green apparition.

In 1966 a student, Thomas Cleveland, attempted to sneak on site for Grad Night. He climbed the fence and crossed the monorail tracks but upon being spotted by security he attempted to run; this resulted in him being struck and killed by the monorail; he was also dragged 30 to 40 feet. His apparition is now seen riding the monorail after dark.

He is most often seen in the monorail at the back of the park – where he died – and generally appears and disappears very quickly.

In June of 1973 two brothers stayed on Tom Sawyer’s Island after the park closed. They attempted to get off the island by swimming across the Rivers of America where the older brother drowned. His apparition has been seen swimming in the river and unexplained ripples are also seen indicating something unseen is swimming by.

In 1984 Dolly Young was killed when she was flung from the bobsled on the Matterhorn ride. In the middle of the ride, she undid her safety belt and stood up – apparently to help a child – and hit her head throwing her out of the car and onto the track where the next sled ran over her. It is said the track had to be dismantled to retrieve her remains.

Cast members call the area of the track where she died Dolly’s Dip and her disembodied voice is often heard by staff walking the tracks when the ride is not operating. There is also said to be an overwhelming sensation that she is watching you in that section. Many cast members have reported the safety lights in Dolly’s Dip always burn out as soon as the bulbs were replaced.

In the 1940’s a small plane crashed on part of the site now inside the park. Staff have reported seeing the pilot – a man with a cane – standing in the area where the cars for the Haunted Mansion ride are loaded.

The apparition of a boy in tears is often seen at the exit from the Haunted Mansion. Legend says his mother spread his ashes throughout the Haunted Mansion; without permission from Disney. People also report his ghost on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

On the “It’s A Small World Ride” the lights will often flicker and sometimes turn on and off on their own. The dolls on the ride are reported as coming back to life and dancing and singing at night after the electricity has been disconnected.

1974 to 1998 the Innovation Building – in Tomorrowland - was used as “America Sings” celebrating the first 200 years of the United States. About 2 weeks after this attraction opened a staff member, Deborah Stone, who was only 18 – was crushed between the walls of moving audience chamber and the stationary stage and killed.

To this day her disembodied voice is heard to say “be careful” in the place where she died.

On the Pirates of the Caribbean ride the ghost of a young boy is seen on the video system. He always seems to be having a good time but when the boat he’s seen on comes out of the ride its always empty.

A “Woman in White” is seen walking on Main Street USA after the park is closed. She is dressed in a 19th century dress so she either predates the park or died as a cast member in costume. She does walk in the same location in the day but is not noticed in a huge crowds. Many believe she guides lost children to the day care center so they can be reunited with their parents.

A teenager in the park for a Grad Night was killed on the People Mover in 1967. Reports say he was trying to move from car and car and fell to his death. He now haunts Tomorrowland (most commonly the Innovations Building now) – previously he haunted the People Mover itself, but it was closed down in 1995 – and is known for pulling girl’s blonde hair.

The Star Trader store is said to be haunted with it’s 4th floor stockroom said to have very comfortable energy and numerous cold spots. Merchandise also moves on it’s own when the store is closed and completely empty of the living.

The Hatmosphere store has a sewing machine they use to put names on hats; it never gets even a little warm even after being used all day. One staff member even reports seeing a ghostly face in the machine.

Around one of the many ice cream carts in the park the disembodied voice of a woman is reported.

A phantom train is seen on the command board that monitors any trains on the tracks. The ghost train is registered after hours when there are no trains on the track. It’s phantom whistle will echo through the night as well. Staff call this “Walt’s Train”.