Washington State Route 20

Status: 2 Lane Cantilever Bridge; Multiple Suicides Site 

This Location is Extremely Dangerous

The Highway is very busy with an average of 20,000 cars crossing everyday

The sidewalks on the either side of the bridges are only 3 feet wide with very low safety railings

Pay Attention to the physical world; you want to investigate the site not become one of the ghosts


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All Photos Courtesy of Craig M


In 1792 Captain Vancouver, during his exploration of the west coast of North America, proved that this body of water actually connected the Juan de Fuca Strait and the Saratoga Passage. Previously, the original Spanish explorers had claimed it was a just a bay.

This is why the body of water was named Deception Pass.

In truth there are 2 bridges here: the north span is over Canoe Pass and the larger south span over Deception Pass.

Construction of the bridges began in August of 1934 and were finished in July of 1935.

Before the bridges a ferry had to summoned by banging a hammer on a saw.

The cost to build the bridge was $482,000 ($10,761,000 in 2023 dollars) and was covered by the federal government – under President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal – and by the County.

In 1982 the bridges were repainted which cost more than the original construction. The bridges were also repainted in 1997.

From 2019 – 2021 the bridges were repainted again, and corroded iron sections were removed and replaced.

The deck of the bridge – depending on tide levels – is about 180 feet (55 metres) above the water’s surface.

The span of both bridges is 1,487 feet (453 metres) long.

A conservative estimate is that there have been at least 500 suicides from the bridge. All by jumping and the majority have been successful.

The only records available are from 2009 (12 suicides) and 2010 (15 suicides).

A small handful of jumpers have been rescued by boats below the bridge that happened to be on site. The water below the bridge is extremely turbulent – during tidal changes it can form whirlpools and is some of the most violent water in America – and quite deep on average.

Those who survive the fall will quickly drown.


Paranormal Activity

The most common reports of paranormal activity is an overwhelming feeling of sadness similar to many other suicide sites. Also, like other suicide sites involving water – like Niagara Falls and the Golden Gate Bridge – people report feeling in the etheric calling for them to jump; an almost voice that would certainly convince you should you already be thinking of it.

There are also reports of feeling as if you are being both watched and followed.

On foggy days, and especially nights, shadowy human shaped figures are seen in the fog moving on the bridge; if approached they will fade into the mists.

Infrequently; people, usually those on a boat below the bridge, have seen replays of the suicides with people seemingly falling from the deck but disappearing before striking the water.

Disembodied voices and whispers are reported as well.


Team Experiences

We investigated this site in January of 2023. The investigation was done by our Founder and Lead Investigator/Medium and another Senior Team Member.

First of all, this location is absolutely stunning with an almost hypnotic and overwhelming beauty. It is easily one of the most scenic places we’ve ever seen on the planet.

The powerful and very sorrowful energy was immediately apparent upon first seeing the bridges, even from a distance.

The etheric whispers indicating jumping from the bridge might be a good idea were felt and heard as soon as we stepped onto the bridge. Having investigated many other suicide sites, we were able to push them aside.

That being said we did keep our distance from the safety rails as the closer you got the insistent the urges became.

There is a small island that separates the 2 bridges that allows you to go underneath the Deception Pass Bridge as well as go to the other side of the highway – this is the only safe way to do this – and provides you with an unparalleled view into the pass. It also provides the only access to the water, although it is a long way down a steep slope.

One member of our team was unable to go down below the bridge as she is extremely sensitive to etheric energy and became overloaded. In this area the entities – which remain unseen, although ripples of energy are visible in some of the photos above, and could only be felt – seemingly become aware of the living and come closer.

Shortly after going under the bridge it began to feel as if we were completely surrounded by ghosts. While they did stay with us back across the bridge they did not interfere with our movement or act threatening in any way.

They left us as soon as our feet left the bridge and seemed to either unable or unwilling to leave the bridge.

Unfortunately, and despite several attempts and methods, we were unable to communicate with them.

There were also some disembodied whispers that were too low to understand and they did not appear on any of the recordings.