Signal Hill

Status: Former Execution Site; Numerous Drownings; Natural Wonder (Pond); Urban Legend


This pond is extremely dangerous; please keep your distance from it’s edge especially at night when distances can be deceiving.


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For over 2 centuries there has been a legend that this pond is bottomless. That legend has since been proven incorrect as the bottom has been found; however, the legend persists.

Nearby Gibbet Hill was formerly used as an execution site in the 18th and 19th centuries to hang pirates and other criminals. The pond is said to have gotten it’s name from the executed criminal’s bodies being thrown in it after the hanging.

The executions were public and the site was chosen because it can be seen from the ocean as a warning to any others tempted to turn to piracy.

The name may also come from the large number of drownings that have happened in the pond. There are strong currents in the pond that have pulled even the best swimmers under to their deaths.

Many believe it is far more than currents pulling the unwary to their deaths.

Signal Hill being the first line of defense again an attack from the sea the area has also seen a number of military engagements.


Paranormal Activity

The pond is said to be haunted by the spirit of an Indigenous Chief who either fell into the pond and drowned by accident or was thrown in the pond by his people for his crimes. This legend predates European colonization.

To this day people report seeing the apparition of the chief eternally wandering the shores of the pond.

He is said to hate the living and is known for reaching up from the depths and grabbing those swimming above dragging them down to their watery deaths.

Ghostly hands are also said to reach right out of the pond and grabbing people on the shore to drag them to their deaths.

Some time in the 18th century a pirate Captain – fearing capture by the British – decided to bury his treasure on the shore of Signal Hill. One young crewman – seeing his chance to escape the pirate life despite his life debt to the Captain – volunteered to go ashore and bury the treasure.

The Captain, however, was aware of the man’s plan to escape and beheaded him on the spot. The man’s body and head were buried with the treasure. The ghost of the young man – who still haunts the area – was thought to have been the perfect guard until they returned; but they never returned.

The apparition of a headless man is still seen in the area. He is said to appear to anyone who gets close to the spot the treasure is buried in.

On Boxing Day of 1869 the son of Sir Frederick Carter, attorney general for Newfoundland at the time, went for a walk after dinner with 2 female companions. When they neared Signal Hill they heard frantic screams and discovered 2 young girls had fallen through the ice.

Mr Carter jumped in and tried to save the girls. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful and both he and the 2 girls drown to death in the pond.

Ever since – especially around Christmas time – the phantom screams of the girls are heard after dark. Others have reported seeing the 3 ghosts replaying the tragedy over and over in the water.

In both 2015 and 2017 a lone woman drove her car into the pond and drown.

It is unknown for these were suicides or accidents or, perhaps, like many other haunted bodies of water the pond has the ability to call victims to it even from a distance.