75 Prospect Avenue, Eureka Springs, AK

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Status: Former School, Former Medical Facility (Fraudulent), Operational Hotel



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Labelled as America’s most haunted resort hotel, this location used to be a former school for girls, then a summer hotel and a hospital, it is certainly is one of the most haunted hotels in the southern US.

Dr Norman Baker ran a very controversial hospital and health resort here in the 1930′s promising miracle cures which consisted mostly of just drinking pure spring water. Dr Baker was an inventor and not a doctor at all (apparently, he was run out of the state of Iowa for practising medicine without a license).

The time as a fraudulent hospital seems to be the origin of most – but certainly not all - of the paranormal activity still witnessed to this day.


Paranormal Activity

Michael, an Irish stonemason, fell from the roof to his death and now haunts room 218 which is on the spot where he met the floor. He is said to bang on the walls and turn the TV on and off in this room.

Rooms 202 and 424 are also said to be centers of paranormal activity.

Dr Baker seems to be unable to leave his fraudulent hospital and is often seen outside of the recreation room looking confused. Dr Baker is also seen in the basement where it is said he buried his cancer patients underneath the morgue floor so as not to tarnish his reputation as a miracle healer.

A nurse in an old fashioned white uniform has been seen wandering on the third floor.

A woman in room 419 has introduced herself to both staff and guests as a cancer patient before disappearing right before their eyes.

The ghost of a man hangs out in the lobby bar or at the bottom of the stairs. A butler has been witnessed carrying a tray on the elevator and following a group taking a ghost tour out at the third floor before disappearing.

In the dining room apparitions are seen in Victorian clothing either sitting at the tables or in the mirrors. In one particular incident, staff left a Christmas tree and presents in the locked dining room only to return to find everything set up in a semi-circle.

There is also a story of a female patient who was molested by a doctor and jumped to her death from a second floor balcony who now wanders the building.

Other stories concern a man pushing his wife to her death down the stairs and of a school girl being pushed to her death from a window.

Dr Baker also owned 2 St Bernards who supposedly still haunt the hotel; guests have reported the feeling of being licked by phantom cold tongues.

The ghosts of two old ladies are said to pull rocking chairs into the hall at night and have a conversation