241 55th Street, Clarendon Hills, IL

(630) 325-1444

Status: Operational Restaurant



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This restaurant was first opened in 1922 with a tavern and grocery store on the first floor and lodging for the owner and his family on the second floor.

Since then, the restaurant has only been sold twice. In its current form it is quite famous for its burgers.


Paranormal Activity

In the late 1950’s a bartender, who was working at the restaurant, began dating a very attractive woman with blonde hair. At some point she came to the restaurant to see her boyfriend and a fight broke out between them.

In some cases, the story says she brought her daughter with her and became angry when the bartender wouldn’t watch her daughter for her.

Either way, the woman became so upset she left the restaurant and was involved in a fatal car accident.

The story is that the ghost of woman did not appear until the major renovations – began by a new owner – were started in 1974. Her ghost is sometimes seen either at the bar or walking through the restaurant but, most frequently, she is seen in an upstairs window and is known for waving at men.

The second story window appears to be boarded up in recent photos.

Other Activity: phantom sounds of a baby crying – perhaps the said daughter from the story -; pots and pans banging together on their own in the kitchen; knocking sounds on the walls; phantom footsteps and the jukebox turning itself on.

The ghost has been verified by mediums who say she is a young and very pretty blonde woman who seems to be looking for a lost love.