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1677 Round Top Road, Burillville, RI

Status: Famous Haunted House


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There is not a lot on the history of this house previous to when the Perron Family moved in. Unfortunately, the majority of that information seems to have been embellished or outright made up. There are many websites and articles that claim a number of murders, suicides and one rape/murder have taken place on the property – all of which can be disproven with some concrete research.

Have people died in the house? Considering its age long predates modern medicine I would say its highly likely people have.

For a comprehensive comparison between the stories and the truth please click on this link.

In January of 1971 Roger and Carolyn Perron did move into this house with their 5 daughters. They reported a massive amount of paranormal activity; most of which has been labeled as evil and demonic. This has been well documented in the movie The Conjuring.

The movie was based on the journals of Ed and Lorraine Warren – famed paranormal investigators – and the movie, plus a 3 volume book set by Andrea Perron, – one of the five daughters – has made this property so famous it has been called this generation’s Amityville Horror.

That may be true, at least in the amount of controversy it has caused.

After the Perrons left the house in 1980 it was owned by the Sutcliffes from 1987 until 2017 who ran a daycare and cooking lessons out of the house. They reported very little paranormal activity and were quick to say all of it could have had been natural causes.

The current owners – although they have recently put the house up for sale – are Cory and Jennifer Heinzen who have reported paranormal activity. They even allow people to do overnight investigations – many of these investigators are also convinced the house in haunted.

We have spoken with an investigator we know who has personally been to this location. He has firmly stated it is paranormally active.


Paranormal Activity

I’m putting aside the activity reported by the Perrons. If you want to see the best representation of their experiences in the house, I suggest watching the first movie.

The Sutcliffes reported some vibration in some of their furniture as well as doors opening and closing on their own. As mentioned above Mrs Sutcliffe is quick to say these events could have a normal explanation.

The Heinzens have reported quite a bit more paranormal activity – as have the people who’ve investigated the house – including: disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, doors open and closing on their own, lights flashing in rooms where no light is one, knockings and a black mist that gathers before moving on.

The Heinzens also state they had no experiences with anything evil or malicious.