4000 Westcliff Drive, Hood River, OR

(541) 386-5566

Status: Historical Hotel; Ghost Tours Available as Recent as 2017



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Completed in 1921 this hotel was built by Simon Benson who was also part of the creation of the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway. This hotel was created to be a cap on the highway for travelers to stay at once they drove the scenic road.

It was built on the site of a former hotel that had been demolished.

The hotel has had numerous famous guests including Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Franklin Roosevelt and movie stars Shirley Temple and Burt Reynolds.

In 1952 it was closed and converted into a retirement home. In 1979 it opened again after a massive renovation as a hotel again.

In 2009 it was sold again – this time due to a foreclosure – by the bank to a hospitality company. This time 4 million dollars were spent and the existing hotel opened in 2012.


Paranormal Activity

Apparently, the hotel staff are very open to the paranormal activity and will help you book a haunted room when asked. Ghost tours may also be available.

Reports from mediums who have visited the hotel say that there is a large amount of energy present that no one sensitive could miss. The ghosts in the hotel are also reported to be friendly and willing to speak with the living if treated respectfully. They are also said to be curious.

There are 4 apparitions in this hotel:

A woman in white who is said to have jumped off one of the balconies to her death who is seen throughout the building.

A young woman in Room 330. This also may be Room 340 which is reported to be the most haunted by staff. Numerous people have recorded unexplained noises in this room including scratching and knocking.

Room 310 is also listed as being quite active. It is, however, an exception to the rest of the hotel and inhabited by something that malevolent or not that seems to delight to terrifying guests. The energy in the room has been describing so negative it drives sensitive people out immediately.

A child who sticks to the ground floor where the pool used to be.

A man wearing a frock coat and top hat.

Phantom cigar smoke is sometimes smelt. It’s reported to be a man who passed away here when the building was being used as a retirement home.

Furniture has been piled up against the door of an empty room although it is unclear what room number this was. Based on the reports above its probably safe to assume it was a room on the 3rd floor.