Asylum Road, Bristol, RI

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Status: Former Farm; Former Summer Residence; State Park; Closed After Dark


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In 1905 Samuel P Colt – nephew of the firearms manufacturer Samuel Colt - purchased 3 farms and turned the property into his summer residence. He built a house and a stone barn for his prize cow herd.

In 1921, when Colt passed away, his lands were transferred to an Industrial Trust Company but, as stipulated in his will, they remained open to the public. With no one really taking care of them, the lands were heavily vandalized to the point where the remaining statues had to be taken away for protection in storage.

Colt’s house had to be torn down but his stone cow barn is still on the property.

In 1965 the State over ownership under the eminent domain laws and opened up the lands as a State Park in 1968.

It is now a gorgeous park of 464 acres (188 hectares) with a beach, picnic areas, hiking trails and an observation tower.


Paranormal Activity

Previous to Colt’s purchase of the land it had contained 3 farms. Legend says a farm hand died on the land – in the building now used as a park office - and he is the ghost that haunts the park office.

He is known for slamming doors shut, turning lights on and off, cold spots and feelings of being watched.

The hiking trails are also said to be haunted by 2 young sisters who are said to have drowned in the park in the 1970’s. They tend to follow around hikers calling out with their phantom laughter which is described as being quite eerie. Their apparitions are also seen near Suicide Hill where they have been reported as walking toward people – the ghosts are usually holding hands – but will disappear into thin air if approached.