(Suicide Bridge)

504 W Colorado Boulevard, Sacramento, CA


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If you’re having any thoughts about suicide or self-harm please call a mental health care professional or your local Suicide Hot Line right now.


This historic bridge that spans Arroyo Seco was constructed in 1913 – its first suicide was in 1919.

Although fences have now been put up during its long history it has become infamous for the number of fatal jumps that have taken place. Needless to say, the statistics have become a rather large embarrassment for the city who have been accused of lowering the numbers when they get too high.

The current fence has stopped some of the jumpers but determined people still find ways to commit suicide here.

At least 102 people and counting have jumped to their deaths here. As mentioned above the number is rumored to be much higher.


Paranormal Activity

The apparition of a woman in a long dress has been seen wandering on the bridge. Cars have served to avoid hitting her although she always disappears before anyone can approach her.

Lights in the tunnel beneath the bridge occasionally go out on their own leaving people stuck in pitch blackness.

The apparition of a man jumping from the rail has been seen; he vanishes before hitting the ground below.

Other activity: feelings of unease and of not being alone; light anomalies and disembodied screams and whispers.