(The Haunted Clinton Road)

Passaic County, West Milford, NJ

Status: Public Road; Urban Legend


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Clinton Road runs mostly north-south from Route 23, past the Clinton Reservoir, to the Warwick Turnpike. It is about 10 miles (16 kilometers) long.

There are very few houses along it and most of the land on either side is public forests. Until recently it wasn’t even paved and it still isn’t on the State’s County Road System so receives minimal maintenance. There is very little traffic at busy times of the time and almost none at night.

The road and property surrounding it has long been thought as haunted. There are stories of ghosts, cryptids, Satanist meetings, the KKK and dumped bodies to cover a few of the legends.


Paranormal Activity

We have labeled this stretch of road as an Urban Legend, but it goes way beyond that. There are multiple reports of paranormal activity here by trusted witnesses and pretty much every group in the State that studies the paranormal and strange.

The most famous legend of Clinton Road is that of the Ghost Boy Bridge. This bridge crosses the Clinton Brook near dead man’s curve and is said to be haunted by a boy who will return coins you throw into the brook by placing them back on the bridge. Legend says you throw the coin in at night and then return the next day and it will be on the bridge.

There are a few origins to this haunting including the boy being left on the bridge while his friends drove to Route 23 and back; he was found dead when they returned: the boy being struck by a car while bending over to pick up a coin: and the boy drowned either while swimming or by falling off the bridge.

Some witnesses have even seen the apparition of the boy – and a few claim he pushed them off the bridge – and others have seen the face of the boy in the brook after they threw the coins in.

Another ghost is said to be that of teenage or early 20’s girl who died in a car accident on the road. She is said to reappear in the Camaro she died in if her story is brought up while on the road after dark.

The ghosts of 2 park rangers have also been met in the area; they are said to have died while on the job in 1939.

People dressed in strange clothing and masks have been seen along the road as well. If you slow down or stop it is said they will either stare at you silently or immediately fade back into the surrounding forest.

In 1905 a man called Richard Cross built was is called Cross Castle for his wife and 3 kids in the highlands above the reservoir. It would later fall into ruin and then was badly damaged by a fire. In 1988 the Newark Water Department demolished it leaving only a stone foundation. Today, and while the castle was standing, people claimed to have strange visions near it. There are also reports of mysterious bruises appearing on people and some people having seizures.

There is a stone structure east of the road and south of the reservoir that people claim is an old Druid Temple capable of cursing you. In fact, it is an iron smelter built in 1826 that is now sealed off by a fence.

A phantom truck has been reported as chasing people driving on the road after dark. It will suddenly appear right behind you with its’s high brights on and will not pass you no matter how slow you go – it will just continue to tailgate you. People have reported this truck disappearing only to suddenly appear again further down the road.

Strange creatures from werewolves to hell hounds to monkeys are reported on the road. There was a jungle attraction – closed in 1976 – in the area and it is said the animals were set free. They may still live in the surrounding forests.

Other Activity: unexplained lights in the sky and the forest; ghostly laughter from a young girl coming out of the woods; sightings of albinos and feelings of being watched.

Forewarned is forearmed – they say never get out of your car on the road at night.