(Montmorency Falls)

2490 Avenue Royale, Quebec City, QC

(418) 663-3330

Status: Natural Wonder; Waterfall



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Many eons ago the cliffs surrounding the falls and branching through Quebec City itself was the continental shelf on the edge of a great ocean. When the ocean receded away from what would become the Montmorency River it began to pour as the falls over the cliff’s edge.

The falls are 83 metres (272 feet) tall which is 30 metres (98.5 feet) higher than Niagara Falls.

The Indigenous peoples in the area of course knew all about the falls and always had but it was Samuel de Champlain who – in typical European colonialism – gave them the name we call them today.

When the British Army attacked the French in Quebec City they set up fortifications near the falls as it provided the perfect place to keep an eye on the enemy. The ruins of these fortifications can be found in the east section of the park.

There are actually 3 falls at the site but only the main and significantly larger falls appear in most of the photos. One of the small falls – both are on eastern side of the main falls – occurred naturally but the other was created by the hydro-electric plant that used to be on the site.

There are still some remains of that hydro-electric plant that can be found.


Paranormal Activity

The falls are the home to Canada’s most famous “white lady” east of the Banff Springs Hotel Bride.

Her origins date back to 1759 when the British were fighting the French for control of the St Lawrence valley. Her name is Mathilde, and she was set to marry her fiancé Louis in July when he was called to battle. Unfortunately, Louis was killed in the ensuing battle.

Broken hearted Mathilde threw herself over the falls in her wedding dress to her death. Her body was never found.

Ever since then the apparition of Mathilde is seen plunging over the falls, which has caused more than a few terrifying moments for visitors.

Her face is also occasionally seen in the main falls.

Her apparition is also seen floating – usually face down – in the small lake below the falls.

Rarely, people have seen a dark haired woman in a wedding dress who is dripping wet wandering the park and paths above the falls.