Chandler High School

350 North Arizona Avenue, Chandler, AZ

(480) 812-7700

Status: Historical Public High School



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The Original Architect's Drawing of the School

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This school was the first high school built in Chandler.

It was built in 1916 and it’s first graduating class was in 1918 with a total of 3 students. The original building is now called Old Main.

Numerous expansions and renovations have been made on the campus since it originally opened.

Chandler is the largest high school in Arizona and has an annual enrollment between 3,000 and 4,000 students.


Paranormal Activity

The haunting seems to be focused on the second floor of the north wing in Old Main.

It is unclear when the paranormal activity first began to be reported but the number of reports since is staggering. Although no one goes into much detail on exactly what they experienced there are reports from students, visitors and staff.

One of the custodial staff is said to refuse to clean in the area due to a particularly intense encounter with the paranormal.

Reported Activity: disembodied voices, phantom footsteps and other unexplained sounds; misty apparitions that have rushed by witnesses and a sudden feeling of not being alone and general eeriness.