Central Park

3883 Imperial Street, Burnaby, BC

(604) 294-7450

Status: Public Park



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This park on the Vancouver Burnaby border was founded in 1891 and was named in honour of the wife of Vancouver’s second mayor who had been born in New York City. Previous to it’s creation as a park this land had been used tree farm to make masts and spars for the Royal Navy ships.

The park contains an award wining playground, lawn bowling, a swimming area, a stadium and multiple picnic grounds.


Paranormal Activity

The park’s most active and famous ghosts is that of a woman who is seen on the edge of the woods. She screams in gibberish that matches no language. She is thought to be either a woman who was killed by an errant firework in the 1950s or a woman who lost her children in the park in the 1930s and went looking for them in the forest never to return.

Although the video is not available on the internet it has been confirmed that a video does exist of this woman.

Near the lake the apparition of a young boy is seen. I approached he will disappear into thin air.

Apparitions are also seen in the area of the stadium.