242 West Shamrock Avenue, Pineville, LA

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Status: Insane Asylum/Psychiatric Hospital (Operational)


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There is very little history for this site.

Even the State archives of Louisiana can’t seem to tell the difference between this hospital and the one in Jackson. No wonder the internet articles get so confused between this site, the Jackson hospital, and Central State Hospitals in Georgia, Indiana and Virginia.

It seems like this hospital opened in the early 20th century – 1906/07 or 1924/27 are all given – as some kind of State School for developmentally challenged minors or maybe just to alleviate overcrowding at the Jackson Asylum.

The original and rather clumsy name of the Louisiana Hospital for the Insane of Louisiana has also been given on some sites.

Its also said this facility was originally only for African Americans as an attempt at segregation but quickly admitted “whites” as well due to massive overcrowding.

What seems to be true both back then as well as today is that the Jackson facility was/is struggling to help the mentally ill from the community as it is overwhelmed with the number of criminals being sent it’s way classified as criminally insane or unfit for trial by the Courts.

All that can be universally agreed on is that there are 3,000+ patients buried in the institution’s cemetery who were unclaimed by family when they died. A very sad and cheerless number all things considered; although it is mostly used as a stepping off point to prove the grounds are indeed haunted.

This campus has some unused old buildings – including the oldest building (Rose Cottage) which is said to have been used electro-shock therapy – that can be toured. As of 2022 there is a new facility being constructed on Ester Field Road that will leave the original campus almost completely abandoned.

Rose Cottage now houses a museum; one that I would love access too considering the often contradictory information I’ve dealt with so far.

As of 2023 it seems to be still under construction and the Shamrock Ave location is still operational.


Paranormal Activity

One investigation tells of a floor tile that actually ripped itself off of the floor and shattered. This action was not visually witnessed but rather heard and the aftermath seen. I’ve never come across any report of paranormal activity like this in hundreds of investigations and thousands of research projects.

Note: The activity recorded above was in the Rose Cottage

Many sites just claim there are numerous claims of “ghostly activity” as well as the oft repeated claim of all the bodies in the cemetery (which, admittedly, seems to be true).

Actual Reported Activity includes: apparitions of former patients and staff; shadow figures; empathic feelings of sadness, anger and pity; physical symptoms including headaches, dizziness and nausea/vomiting; disembodied voices; unexplained noises from whispers to loud bangs; light anomalies; phantom footsteps; unexplained breezes; cold and warm spots and feelings of being watched, not being wanted and not being alone.