124 North 20th Street, Omaha, Nebraska

(531) 299-2660

Status: Historical School



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Omaha was the original capital of the Nebraska Territory and the Territorial Capitol Building once stood where this school is located now.

In 1869, when Nebraska became a State and the capital was moved to Lincoln, the building and land were donated for educational use. In 1870 the Capitol building was demolished and a red brick school was built for students from kindergarten to grade 12.

In 1900 the school we see today was built and converted into just a high school – Grades K – 8 were moved to Central Elementary School.

In 1930 a gym was added to the building. In the early 1980’s the entire building underwent an extensive renovation and the outdoor courtyard was enclosed in a translucent dome.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive high schools in North America.


Paranormal Activity

The original part of this school is haunted by 2 ghosts who don’t seem to be able to leave their work behind even after death. Curiously, these spirits are only active after hours during evenings or on weekends; although its possible they are just missed during a chaotic school day in an institute with over 2,000 students.

A former Dean of Students is seen a blur of white that moves down the main hall and enters the office of the Dean of Students. He is also seen as a shadowy figure in the window of that same office and is known for waving to the living outside the building.

A former janitor makes their presence with phantom sounds of sweeping and the squeaking sounds of a custodian cart being moved along the floors of the halls.

There are also cold spots felt in the main hall and a disembodied voice saying “I know you’re here” when 1 or 2 people are present or “I know you’re all here” when there is a group of 3 more living people. This could be either of the 2 ghosts presented above or a third ghost entirely.

Either way there are at least 2 intelligent hauntings at this high school.