(The House of Tubes)

Rene Descartes

Contry La Silla 3er Sector

Status: Private Residence; Formerly Abandoned; Urban Legend


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It is difficult to separate the true story of this house from all the Urban Legends. We have chosen to tell the history based on the most common similarities in all the stories.

At some point in the 1970’s a rich family contracted to have the house built in order to create a home that their paralyzed daughter could move around in easily. It was filled with ramps that she could navigate rather than staircases which is the explanation behind the unique architecture.

Apparently, the construction workers had issues with missing tools and other unexplained experiences which led to them refusing to come to work. One day while under minimal staffing a yell was heard and a worker – fell or was pushed – out of a window to his death.

On a visit to the home shortly afterwards the daughter was using the ramps when she was flung out of the same window and fell to her death. Her father was so distraught he committed suicide in the house.

The house then remained half constructed and abandoned for many years.

In the 1980’s or 90’s another family was touring the house before buying it when their young boy – who was walking around unwatched – also managed to fall out of the same window; also, to his death. Another version says a little girl was seen pushing the boy out of the window. A little girl who could not be found anywhere in the house.

If dig enough you can find even more stories relating to this cursed window although most of them sound very very similar to these 3 stories. It is also said the 3 or more victims of the “cursed” window were found with a terrified expression on their faces as if they saw something terrible before falling. Legend says it was a demon.

In 2015 the house was finally sold to an owner, who completed the construction, and has been living there ever since.


Paranormal Activity

The apparition of a little boy – sometimes with a little girl – is/are seen playing at the entrance of the house.

The apparition of a young girl is seen – sometimes in her wheel chair and sometimes standing – waving from the “cursed” window at people passing by below.

Strange noises are also reported coming from the house including a woman loudly weeping, screams, undecipherable whispers and cries.