(Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture)

2316 W 1st Avenue, Spokane, WA

(509) 456-3931

Status: Former Residence; Murder Site; Historic Museum



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This gorgeous mansion was built in 1898 for Amasa and Grace Campbell who had made their fortune in mining near Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.

This is when the story gets fuzzy; you see there are 2 different versions as to what happened in the house while the Campbells lived in it. The dark history says the Campbells had 4 children and in 1900 an intruder broke into the house and killed 3 of the children and kidnapped the 4th one who was never seen again. On the other hand, there’s another version that says the Campbells only had one child, Helen, who lived to be an adult.

When Grace Campbell died her daughter, Mrs WW Powell, gave the house to the Eastern Washington Historical Society in memory of her mother.

The house is now considered the largest exhibit in the collection of the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. It has been restored to it’s former turn of the century glory.


Paranormal Activity

There is a portrait of Amasa Campbell in the house that is said to follow everyone with it’s eyes. There are other portraits in the house that people swear the eyes move.

The apparitions of children are seen running around in the bedrooms.

Many people feel the house has a dark energy and feel uneasy looking at it even in photos. Many feel uneasy upon entering the house to the point of being overcome by waves of dread.