423 North Main Street, Tulsa, OK

(918) 584-2306

Status: Former Garage; Former Dance Academy; Ballroom



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Built in 1924 by Tate Brady this building has been a garage, a pay per dance hall, a dancing academy and finally a legend of Tulsa.

Between 1935 to 1942 this was the home of Bob Willis and The Texas Playboys who popularized a new form of music called Western Swing. In fact, the ballroom is known as the Carnegie Hall of Western Swing.

There’s even a Walk of Fame on the Sidewalk outside of the club and posters of some of the most famous acts in the music industry – with a focus on Country and Western of course - who have played here adorn the walls.

Cain’s was recently ranked as the #22 most popular club worldwide based on ticket sales.

So, forget NYC, LA, Paris and London come to Tulsa.


Paranormal Activity

The ghost of Bob Willis himself is still seen wandering the building that made him famous.

A transparent lady in a red ball room gown is often seen on the dance floor after hours. Rumor has it she even dances with the paying customers but is rarely noticed in the bustle.

A man in 1900’s era cowboy attire has appeared at the bar and asked for 10 cent popcorn. The last time that was offered was about 1900.

In old washrooms behind the stage, one investigator heard a woman crying and moaning in pain. When she asked if they were ok and took a look around, she realized she was all alone.

Other Reported Activity: apparitions; disembodied voices and whispers; cold spots; light anomalies and feelings of not being alone.