(George T Stagg Distillery)(Old Fashioned Copper Distillery)

113 Great Buffalo Trace, Frankfort, KY

(866) 729-3722

Status: Operational Bourbon Distillery



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This site claims to be the oldest continuously operating distillery in the United States. The Guinness Book of World Records gives that title to Burk’s Distillery – distillers of Maker’s Mark Whisky.

Distilling was began at this site in 1775 by 2 brothers. The first actual industrial distillery was opened in 1812. The distillery had multiple owners and products over the years. They were even allowed to distill whiskey during the Prohibition for “medicinal purposes”.

In October, 2016 the foundation of the original 1873 distillery – which burned down in 1882 – was found while doing renovations on the modern buildings.

Ghost tours were available – due to the Covid-19 pandemic tours are closed for now – at the site for no charge and include product tastings. Thus far no date has been given for the tours to begin again; if ever.


Paranormal Activity

Yet another location that you can find multiple claims that it is one of the – if not the – most haunted site in the State. But when you dig into the stories just a little further, there are very few details.

We have not been to the site, let alone the tour, but the ghost tour has had some not very favorable reviews. Unfortunately, the ghost tour is temporarily on hold due to Covid-19 and as of October 2023 is not offered.

Here are some of the reports of paranormal activity we have found:

A rather dubious claim has been made that there are 27 separate spirits on site. This can be neither proven nor disproved.

The Stony Point Mansion – a house built on the site in 1934 – is said to be haunted by its builder: Albert B Blanton. He makes himself known most commonly with phantom footsteps and extreme cold spots. His housekeeper – Sarah – is also said to haunt the house and makes herself known by disembodied humming and singing.

In Warehouse C the disembodied words, “get out”, have been heard.

This site is, of course, an industrial site which was operating in a time period where worker safety was of little to no concern. Although we could not find any kind of historical record of accidents – fatal or otherwise – on the site; it is conceivable that ghosts from this period may roam the site.

At the very least this location needs further study by experienced paranormal investigators.