(Chop Chop House)

805 West Linden Street, Boise, ID

Status: Murder Site; Residential Property


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Built in 1910 this house had nothing happen to it or in it for the majority of it’s existence.

But on June 30, 1987 three men got into an altercation of which only 2 men walked away. Daniel Rodgers (37) and Daron Cox (31) shot Preston Murr (21) in the head killing him. The worst part of it was Murr could have been saved.

During the fight Murr left the house after being shot in the shoulder and fled to a neighbor’s house. Pounding on the door and asking for help before he was dragged back into the basement and murdered. The neighbor didn’t open the door but he did call the police and make a report.

The police did not respond to the call and Murr was killed. It was later determined that Rodgers pulled the trigger and he is serving life without parole at Idaho State Correctional.

Rodgers and Cox cut Murr’s body up with an axe and a knife wrapped his pieces up in plastic and then drove to the Idaho-Oregon border and dumped his body parts in the Brownlee Reservoir.

The same neighbor called the police again that morning concerning blood on his screen door. The police finally decided to show up and found blood not only on the neighbor’s house but on the sidewalk and on at least one other house as well.

Rodgers would later try to get a retrial saying the search of his house was illegal. This failed.

Property records obtained online indicate James Howell who rented the house out– mostly to Boise State University students – although it is unclear if he is still the owner at this time. Most reports indicate the house is abandoned and in a rather bad state currently.


Paranormal Activity

There was a rumor started that sometimes blood could be seen running down the walls of the basement. This has been long since proven untrue and just an attempt to scare college students.

Although no apparitions have been seen there are many reports of the basement just not feeling right and making people feel very uncomfortable.  To be fair there’s also one tenant who denies there’s any paranormal activity in the basement or the house.

Another tenant’s story is of hearing noises making them think someone was breaking into the house. When they went out on the porch there was nothing to be found but what was described as a black oily looking thing was seen in the window of an upstairs bedroom. A ball of oily blackness then slid across a mirror on the porch and through the witness.

Other Reported Activity: shadow figures; light anomalies; empathic feelings of unease and feelings of being watched.