(Bellevue Mansion)

14 Belvidere Avenue, Hamilton, ON

Status: Former Private Residence; Former Sub-Divided Residential Property; Formerly Abandoned; Demolished; Vacant Lot


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Photo Courtesy of Craig M


Built out of local limestone between 1848 and 1850 this mansion was once viewed as one of the pinnacles of the new 19th century cosmopolitan Hamilton.

Over it’s history the mansion has been given a few names but it was it’s original name Bellevue that really stuck – Bellevue means beautiful view.

The mansion commanded some of the most awe inspiring views in the entire city. The vacant lot where the house once was still provides a stunning view; although downtown Hamilton has certainly changed a lot since the 1800’s.

Two of the most influential leaders of 19th century Hamilton called this mansion home – John Bradley (who had the house built and died in it in 1864) and George Gillespie (who worked to support and grow the first financial institutions of the city).

In the early 1970’s the house was subdivided into a number of apartments and rented out. At some point in the 1980’s the mansion was abandoned and became a haven for urban explorers and, due to a few stories, paranormal investigators.

The house began to deteriorate as the years went by – the water damage especially became very serious. Between the damage and the police frequently having been called to the site due to the trespassing the owner – despite the house’s historical value – had little difficulty obtaining a demolish permit.

In September of 2000 the mansion was demolished; so fast many people claim it was brought down in one night.

The vacant lot is now for sale for about 3.5 million – down from 4.5 million – in case you’re looking for property in Hamilton.


Paranormal Activity

The 2 stories from the house cannot be historically verified but they cannot historically disproven either.

Three members of Our Paranormal World have been to the location personally – albeit not for a few years - and in our opinion it is very active. Our experiences are listed at the end of the article.

The first concerning this house is a father who killed his 2 children and wife with an axe before going to the attic and hanging himself. A decade or two later a son used an axe – the same one if you really want to get into the Urban Legend aspect of this house – and murdered his entire family before, once again, hanging himself from the same beam in the attic.

Many believe that an evil spirit inhabits the house; and that it now inhabits the land.

The apparition of a woman with red hair was seen silently screaming in one of the upper level windows of the house before it was taken down.

The apparition of a young girl is seen playing in the front yard.

People have reported hearing their names whispered both while in the house and on the property.

There are cases are investigators and explorers being physically attacked on the property and in the house resulting in scratches, cuts and bruises – people have reported being dragged by something unseen here as well.

The evil presence that it is said once inhabited the house is still felt on the property – many people reported waves of negative energy upon crossing the threshold of the house. Now, on the property, there are reports of sudden unexplained emotional changes leading to feelings of extreme anger, hatred and violence toward friends and family. This feeling fades once the property is left.

Misty apparitions have been seen and photographed on the property.

Disembodied voices have heard and recorded on the property.

There are also reports of the mansion appearing again as a shimmery mirage like image before fading away right before people’s eyes.

The house was said to be freezing cold even on the hottest and most humid summer days; especially the basement. Cold spots are now frequently felt on the property – some days the entire property has been cold; again, on even the hottest summer days and nights.

Team Experiences

First of all, the photo with the orb flying through the trees – see above – that is used as our cover photo on our Twitter account was taken at this property. There was nothing visible to the naked eye – the camera button was actually pressed by accident. The tree was on the property when the house was standing.

We did see the apparition of the little girl in the front yard. She did communicate with us a few times and indicated she was killed by being hit by a car on the road. She gave no more details of her life and had no knowledge of any other ghosts on the property.

There is definitely a dark presence on the property; it is easily felt as soon as you step onto the property.

We did run into some cold spots which are quite startling on a 30 C (86F) summer night.

Numerous disembodied voices and whispers including having our names whispered and giggling.