Belmont House

2691 NB-102, Lincoln, NB

Status: Historical Site; Former Residence; Multi-Unit Residential Site


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This house was originally built in 1820 for the Supreme Court Judge John Murray Bliss.

In the 1840s Robert Duncan Wilmot – Lt Governor to New Brunswick and one of the fathers of Canadian Confederation – called the house home.

There are also stories of British soldiers being in the house and using it as a defensive position on the St John River. We could not verify this, however.

It is unclear exactly when – previous to the 1980s – the home was divided up into 14 separate apartments.

The building was sold in 2023 and is now listed as temporarily closed.

It is a National Historic Site of Canada.


Paranormal Activity

Many people who have lived in the apartments say you never feel alone in Belmont; there is always a feeling as if you are being watched.

There are multiple reports of disembodied whispers. One can never tell what is being said only that there are multiple people who seem to be mumbling.

The basement is described as having an oppressive energy that leaves people feeling both unwelcome and wanting to leave as quickly as possible. Its also described as being “sad and confused”.

Apparitions of the building’s former inhabitants have been seen (albeit usually in the corner of people’s eyes) including a phantom cat.

There are many reports of seeing ghostly faces looking out of the windows of the attic. It is unclear whether the attic is actually sealed off, but it is reported that no one has been up there in 2+ decades.

There is one report of a brown stain on the floor that has not only worked it’s way through carpets but came back even after the subfloor was removed.

Mediums have contacted soldiers as well as women and children (including a little boy who has a history of being very enthusiastic about communicating with the living).

Other reported activity: disembodied shouts; touches, pokes and prods by unseen entities; light anomalies; electrical disturbances and cold spots.