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This island, of approximately 34 square kilometres, is located off the coast of the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland. There are only 3 communities on the island and the only access is by a Provincal run ferry.

The first Europeans settled here in the mid-19th Century but the population would explode once iron ore was discovered in 1890. Eventually the mine would become of the world’s largest submarine mine with tunnels extending a long ways underneath the surrounding bay.

In World War II two 4.7-inch guns were installed on the island – they can still be seen today – as iron ore was one of the most important ores for the manufacture of war materials. This island – due to a torpedo hitting land – is the only place in North America that was ever directly attacked by Nazi (German) forces.

There were 2 attacks by German submarines in the harbour on September 5 and November 2 in 1942 resulting in 4 merchant ore carriers being sunk with a loss of 70 men. With one torpedo accidentally striking land (as detailed above).

In the 1950’s a larger iron ore deposit was discovered in Quebec where the ore could be easily moved to the refineries by rail instead of boat. This made the mines on Bell Island no longer economically feasible and the economy of the island all but collapsed over night.

The island is now a recreation area and a rural sleeper community for St John’s. There are some concerns that the old mines may one day collapse – they go down almost 2 kilometres – resulting in a local tsunami.


Paranormal Activity

Although possibly not of paranormal origins there was an incident on April 2, 1978 known as the Bell Island Boom. A loud noise that could be heard up to 50 kilometres away resulted in 2 cup shaped depressions; seemingly from an impact. Televisions nearby even exploded.

Many people think it was a test of experimental particle weapon by either the Soviet Union of the United States. Although meteorologists have stated the atmospheric conditions at the time where not conducive to lightning at the time the incident has been labeled as an unusually large bolt of lightning.

Things got even more interesting in 2019 when there was another loud bang. This one was quickly identified as a chunk of the island splitting off and crashing into the ocean.

At least 106 miners lost their lives while the mines were open. Tours are given in the old No 2 and No 4 mines. Disembodied voices have been heard in the tunnels as well as freezing cold winds that come out of nowhere. Phantom footsteps are frequently heard and an eerie feeling of being watched is constant for most people.  

At the entrance to one of the mines completely sealed off the apparitions of two entire shifts changing has been seen. Men leaving the mines and greeting loved ones and other heading down to work. This could be caused by a time slip to a time when the mines were running at full occupancy.

In Butler’s Marsh there are said to be fairies but not the ones in fairy tales or Disney movies. No, these fairies are described as monstrously twisted nightmarish men that will lure you to your death amid the water soaked marshes. They were even said to take children right from their homes.

Finally, we have the Bell Island Hag who haunts Dobbin’s Gardens. She (It) has 2 different origin stories: 1) she was a woman who came upon Nazi sympathizers helping German sailors replenish their U-Boat and was murdered for it; 2) she was the woman in white who murdered miners on the way home from their shifts – this is apparently a true story but the woman was a member of one of the prominent families on the island and never punished for her crimes.

People who have seen the Hag say she appears first as a white woman moving over the marsh. As she (it) gets closer the colour turns to grey and it gets down on all fours seeming more of an animal than a human. The creature has a terrible face and strong sulphur smell that knocks victims out.