Beban House

2290 Bowen Road (Beban Park), Nanaimo, BC

(250) 754-3215

Status: Former Residence; Former Tourism Office; Daycare; Office


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In 1930 Frank Beban a wealthy businessman who owned multiple sawmills bought 160 acres – where Beban Park is now – and built what is now called the Beban House as the family home.

The house and property were purchased for $25,000 ($468,000 in 2024 dollars).

The Bebans lived in the house for 20 years and developed extensive gardens on the property as well as a horse track.

When Frank died the city of Nanaimo bought the house and property for $53,000 ($687,000 in 2024 dollars). They developed the property into Beban Park to replace the Central Sport Grounds (where Harbour Park Mall stands now).

The house was used for storage and municipal offices until 1995 when it was designated a heritage building granting the city for a renovation. At this time the house was so degraded it was nearly demolished.

In 1996 the City of Nanaimo Tourism Offices moved into the building.

In 2011 the house put up for rent and a daycare facility moved in. It is difficult to tell whether the daycare is still in the building. Google says it is but there is but there is no other information confirming that.

It is also the main office of the Nanaimo Clippers.


Paranormal Activity

The haunting is said to have evolved from the accidental death of a Chinese servant while the Bebans lived in the house. Although this story doesn’t explain all the paranormal activity reported.

Children in the daycare played with a small boy that no adult could see. Multiple children described the same little boy.

Some children have said the little boy has a ball with him which brings us to the phantom sound of a ball bouncing down the stairs. This is usually heard late at night.

The basement is said to be very eerie with strong feelings of not being alone and being watched. Employees who worked for the tourism board describe the basement as a place you do not go alone.

Disembodied voices have been heard throughout the house.

The apparition of a woman has been seen by multiple witnesses.

One of the cupboards in what was Frank Beban’s trophy room will open on it’s own and become impossible to close.

An employee’s cat escaped from the locked room and managed to move around the building without tripping the alarm system.

Locked windows will open on their own.

Filing cabinets open on their own and objects disappear with no explanation.

The water taps will turn on on their own.

Other unexplained sounds including the sounds of teacups clanking together.