1120 Main Street, St Joesph, MO

Status: Famous Haunted House


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This house was built in 1854 for Armstrong and Eliza Beattie.

Armstrong became the city’s first banker and served as St Joseph’s mayor a staggering 5 times. A record that has never been broken.

Armstrong died in 1878 and Eliza passed in 1880.

The couple had no heirs, so the house was given to the Ladies Benevolent Society who converted it into a shelter for the homeless and other vulnerable populations in the city.

In 1895 it was converted into the Memorial Home for the Aged. This lasted for a century.

In 1995 the house’s use again changed; this time into a group home for the substance addicted and the mentally ill.

In 2004 it was sold to private owners who had plans to convert it into a bed and breakfast. It was during this renovation that reports of paranormal activity began.

Currently the house can be booked of 1 or 2 night paranormal investigations through the link to their website above.


Paranormal Activity

This house is considered the most haunted in the city and one of the most paranormally active in the State.

When the renovations were being done some of the contractors had experiences so intense they refused to return to the site. Their paranormal encounters included full body apparitions, shadow figures and disembodied voices.

An experienced paranormal team was brought in and found that Eliza Beattie as well as other ghosts haunt the house.

Eliza is most commonly encountered on the second floor where she eternally patrols the halls of her once home. Also on the second floor, is the ghost of a child in one room that has been heard both laughing and yelling.

The basement – known as the most haunted place in the building – is the home of a very active male ghost. He has been seen walking through the floor and heard laughing; he is also known for taunting investigators.

The first floor kitchen is also very active with the apparitions of both children and adults reported here.