308 Lee Road, #270, Mineral Wells, TX

Status: Former Hospital; Former US Army Base (Helicopter School); Abandoned

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Previously to the construction of the hospital and the establishment of the flying school this base was used to hold German POWs in World War II.

Built in the 1950’s, this army hospital was opened on March 29, 1957.

It was the first US Army hospital to specialize in aviation medicine: focusing on the illnesses of humans who fly (both the pilots and the passengers).

At the time the hospital was on the US Army Base Fort Wolters which was the Army’s first primary helicopter training school. Approximately 40,000 student pilots did their training at the base.

The vast majority of those graduating from the school went to Vietnam.

The hospital closed in 1973 just a couple of months before all US troops were pulled out of Vietnam. The base itself closed almost immediately after the war ended.

Some of the base buildings were converted over to civilian use but they have remained abandoned for the last decade plus.

The hospital is said to still be in fairly good shape: ie holes in the walls but the floors won’t collapse. Although the elevators are just empty shafts and not to be approached unless you have a burning desire to become one of the ghosts.


Paranormal Activity

Tours and investigations can be booked through forums such as Haunted Rooms and Ghost Hunts USA.

Many consider this location to be the most haunted in Texas.

Quite the claim – but not unfounded - since Texas includes some of the most truly terrifying haunted sites in America.

It is unknown how many people died in this hospital but there were numerous fatal training accidents here. Learning to fly a helicopter for eventual missions in Vietnam was most definitely not for the faint of heart.

The families of the soldier pilots were also treated at this hospital.

There are rumors of Satanic and other evil rituals taking place both in the hospital and on the grounds. These stories are so common at so many haunted locations that most seasoned paranormal investigators will pass over them with ease.

That being said we’ve gone over reports, and spoken directly with some very experienced investigators who investigated this site. There is an undeniable sense of a dark energy at the site far beyond the inverted crosses and pentagrams – which also have to be inverted to signify evil just like crosses; right side up pentagrams are powerful positive energy (just some education for the unknowing) – left by stoned teenagers.

The dark and unsettling energy is said to be most prevalent in the basement.

The apparitions of former patients (both service members and their family members), nurses and doctors are seen throughout the building and more commonly than other locations. There’s also a little boy who has been seen playing near the main entrance both outside and inside the building.

Apparitions and shadow figures are reported as not being afraid to get up close and personal with the living.

In the basement – besides the dark energy – people report an intense feeling of panic and powerful need to flee; disembodied voices, breathing and groans; unexplained noises including extremely loud unexplained bangs and the feeling of something unseen breathing on the back of your neck.

On the first floor you will find the young boy’s ghost eternally playing at the front entrance (it is said he is aware of the living but difficult to communicate with); disembodied voices and laughter; electrical disturbances; light anomalies and feeling as if you’re being watched.

On the second-floor apparitions of former patients are seen but often darkened appearing as only silhouettes with no discernable facial features (other reports this is where the pilots who burned to death in fiery crashes haunt); disembodied voices often bellowing “get in line” and unexplained taps and knocks.

Reported activity throughout the site: an eerie feeling difficult to identify but is reported to make it difficult to stay on site; domestic animals reacting very negatively to the site and trying to escape immediately; knocks and bangs; doors – including massive metal sliding ones – opening and closing on their own including sudden and loud slams; recorded and heard EVP’s saying “Get Out!”; objects moving on their own (again more frequently than at other sites); physical symptoms including migraines, nausea and blurred vision; touches, pokes and prods by unseen entities; cold and warm spots and feelings of not being wanted.