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We unable to find a year of this event; but sometime in the early history of the European Colonization of North America a small Dutch settlement was brutally attacked on this site. The colonists were completely slaughtered. Proof of this massacre has been found by home owners in this high-end neighborhood with artefacts being found on their property including Dutch pottery and arrowheads.

Paranormal Activity

This haunting has rather odd factor in that it, for the most part, only shows itself to those with Dutch ancestry. It may be that the energy of the site is completely reliant on the ghosts themselves or is that the ghosts believe only someone Dutch can help them find peace.

Orbs, streaks and other light anomalies are the most common paranormal phenomena witnessed here. There are also reports of cold breezes and spots that follow people around with no physical source.

In a first for me there is also a very strange phenomena in that books on hauntings and the paranormal tend disappear right off people's bookshelves or out of their homes. Perhaps the ghosts are trying to tell us all something; makes me curious as to what would happen if you opened this article in one of the houses in this area.

There is also a report of a teenage girl waking up and being unable to breathe. She felt as if a hand was wrapped around her throat and when the choking subsided, she saw a ghostly hand moving away from her. All in all, this is one of the strangest hauntings I've ever across.

Other activity: feeling as though you being watched and not alone; electrical disturbances and light anomalies.