Bannack Road, Beaverhead County, MT



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This town was founded in 1862 when gold was discovered nearby and named after a local tribe of Native Americans. It was very briefly the capital of the Montana Territory until that honor was passed to Virginia City. Although it was always very remote (only accessible via the Montana Trail) it actually reached of population of 10,000 during the gold rush.

The buildings were all built with logs and some of them sported false fronts as has become so famous in movies about the old west.

In the mid-19 Century, the local Sheriff was accused of leading a gang he was supposed to be tracking down. There are stories that his gang killed hundreds of people between Bannack and Salt Lake City but historical records only show 8 murders. Either way both the Sheriff and a number of members of the gang were hung to death while the others were banished and sentenced to death should they return.

By the 1970′s all the residents had left this town bringing its dwindling population to zero. In modern times, many of the town’s buildings still standing and well preserved.

The town is now protected inside the boundaries of Bannack State Park.


Paranormal Activity

The apparition of a woman dressed in a blue gown named Dorothy is often seen in the town, she drowned in the nearby Grasshopper Creek.

The apparitions of the former outlaw gang are still reported in the town site. People report phantom footsteps as well as reports of feelings of being watched and unease.

As with any other population centers in the 19th and early 20th centuries there were terrible epidemics that spread their way across this town. These widespread illnesses were especially hard on the newborns and the elderly and the phantom cries and babbles of babies are often heard in the town site as a testament to the hardships faced by the settlers of the west.