East Atoka Road, Artesia, NM

Status: Former School; Urban Legend


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There is very little information about this school. It is unclear when it even built or opened; not in 1949 -  as claimed in many places - as that’s an Atoka School in Oklahoma.

There are rumors that it closed very suddenly for an unknown reason but that cannot be verified historically.


Paranormal Activity

People have reported hearing crying and screaming coming from the former school. There is said to be a dark energy surrounding the building that becomes very apparent for anyone going near or entering the school.

Disembodied voices, growls and threats have been heard in what some people report as demonic voices.

The apparition of a nurse has been seen in the gym.

Witnesses report a feeling of being watched, never being alone and not being wanted here.

For sake of transparency, it needs to be stated that many people believe the school is not haunted and these stories are either teenagers caring each other or made up in hopes of gaining the attention of one of the multitudes of paranormal TV shows and bring money to the town.

Testimonial By Quin1s

I live in artesia. Go there quite often. Without a large group you do start to feel like you’re being watched sometimes. One time our car door was open heading back to it. Though, the whole group was with us