Atlas Building

211 West Lincolnway & 213 West 16th Street, Cheyenne, WY

(307) 638-6543

Status: Former Store and Offices; Former Movie Theater; Former Nightclub; Community Theater



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This building was originally built in 1887.

When it was first constructed the first floor was used as a candy and tea shop while the second and third floors functioned as an office building.

In 1907 the first floor was converted into a 404-seat theater for vaudeville acts. In 1929 it was converted into a movie theater that had many ups and downs until the mid-1950’s when it was closed for good.

In 1961 it was converted once again into a bar and live music venue called The Pink Pony Nightclub. Unfortunately, the nightclub only lasted 2 years before going out of business.

By the late 1960’s the unused building was beginning to show it’s age and was becoming unsavable. The Cheyenne Little Theater Players put shows on in the building starting in 1966 and then bought the building in 1971. By 1973 it was on the National Register of Historic Places list preventing any future owners from being to tear the building down.

The theater company has worked tirelessly to restore and update the building since; thus saving it for future generations.


Paranormal Activity

The building is home to 2 recognized but unidentified ghosts.

There is a story of a reverend who killed his wife for playing outside the marriage sandbox before killing himself although in modern times no one really believes it anymore. There is no historical proof that it ever happened.

Other stories include a fatal fire on the second floor and a mother and child dying of exposure while sheltering her from Wyoming’s brutal winter. Again, this story cannot be proven historically.

The ghosts of this theater are also said to be happy and mischievous which does not fit the usual pattern of restless spirits of a murder and suicide victims.

Although they are unidentified the 2 ghosts – who are both more than happy to interact with the living – are known to be a female and a male spirit.

The male ghost is said to be a prankster who causes objects to disappear and reappear as well as playing practical jokes on the acting company. He’s also known for strange noises and playing with the electricity.

The female ghost – she often appears in white in the building’s windows when it is closed – is only occasionally seen but is a much more quiet and calm spirit.