239 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR


Status: Operational Hotel and Resort


Official Policy of the Hotel is it is NOT Haunted


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The Arlington Hotel had 2 previous incarnations in the location of what was Arlington Park originally at the north end of Bathhouse Row. The first one was built in 1875 and completely demolished after 20 years. The second hotel – billed as the New Arlington - was built in 1892-93 in the Spanish Renaissance style. In April of 1923 the second hotel burnt to the ground resulting in the death of 1 fireman and millions of dollars in damage.

The location of the first 2 hotels was abandoned – it is now a park – and the final and current incarnation of the hotel was built in the Y of Central Ave and Fountain St. In part, this location has made the hotel a landmark in the city.

Numerous famous political – including 4 Presidents – sports and entertainment figures have stayed at the hotel. Although, the hotel’s most famous; or infamous; guest was Al Capone who rented the entire 4th floor for himself and his entourage.

The Arlington has become famous for its glamour and uniqueness as well as its famous past guests. The Lobby Bar is currently – and firmly – on the list of the best bars in America.

It is considered to be one of the most paranormally active locations in the State.

Paranormal Activity

The official policy of The Arlington is that it is NOT haunted.

The numerous stories, however, are difficult to ignore.

There are reports of a bad-tempered ghost in Room 824 although the details are limited to non-existent. The one verified report does tell a story of a ghost but not one that acted malevolently in any way.

Al Capone’s favorite room was 443 and he had a private elevator installed to an underground tunnel should a quick getaway be needed. The elevator now comes to the 4th floor on its own and opens as if Mr Capone is still using its services. The apparition of a Bellman is also seen on the 4th floor who has a habit of walking through closed doors.

One guest reported being followed down the hallway to her room by 3 woman who were laughing and talking. When the guest reached her room, she realized the woman had suddenly and completely disappeared.

Other apparitions reported in the hotel include: the obligatory bride in her wedding dress, a man in an apparent mourning suit and a young girl in a pink dress. All clothing is old fashioned and the apparitions are known for appearing suddenly and disappearing just as quickly.

There are boarded up rooms – said to be built into the mountain with no running water or electricity – where doors are heard to slam and whispered conversations are heard. People have felt someone brushing by them, or their hair pulled and taps on the shoulder when they were completely alone in the hallways or other common areas.

The apparition of a man in a black suit is seen near the hotel laundry and is known for waving at current staff.

One story is of a honeymoon couple that had their covers ripped off in the night which the bride blamed on her new husband. He, of course, denied it and they stayed awake to find the covers moved down and then suddenly torn off their bed by an unseen force. They then bolted into the hallway in various states of undress. . . Or so the story goes.

Other activity: wine bottles shaking and falling off shelves with no human interaction; lights flickering and turning on and off on their own; taps turning on and off on their own and feelings of being watched and not being alone.