118 S Main Street, Lawrenceburg, KY

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Status: Former Hotel; Formerly Abandoned; Paranormal and Haunted Attraction


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The original wooden hotel was built here in the 1880’s but it burned down in 1909, although it is unclear if there were any fatalities related to this fire.

The brick building still standing was built on the same site and a thriving business when the town was a commercial hub due to it’s location near the railway.

As the 20th century went by the hotel became more and more run down. By the 1980’s – when it was closed down – it had become a haven for the lost and forgotten.

There were at least 3 suicides here, along with who knows how many other premature deaths, as prostitutes, drug dealers and runways became the main clientele.

It stood abandoned afterwards for a number of decades and was almost demolished on more than one occasion.

Sometime around 2015/2016 it was bought, and an attempt was made to turn it back into a fashionable hotel. There were retail businesses opened on the main floor but the hotel part was never remodeled; in part because of the frequency and intensity of paranormal activity.

The building now allows overnight investigations and is also used as a haunted house tourist attraction.


Paranormal Activity

This location was made famous by a 72 hour investigation done by the tv show Paranormal Lockdown.

It was also closed for a period of time due to the number of injuries suffered by investigators; including bites, scratches and bruises by unseen entities.

The majority of the furniture and decorations in the building date back to when it was an operational hotel. One dirty mattress with rust colored stains is said to be the very mattress a 19 year old girl slit her wrists – resulting in her death – on.

Reported Activity: multiple reports of apparitions both in the hallways and the rooms; many of the apparitions reported are not human and have been described as creatures; shadow figures; physical attacks on the living including bites and scratches; disembodied voices; cold and warm spots; time slips and dimensional slips; unexplained breezes; phantom screams and whispers; unexplained noises including loud bangs and things being dragged; empathic sensations of anger, fear and loss; light anomalies; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen entities; electrical disturbances; objects moving on their own and feelings of being watched, not being wanted and not being alone.