2373 Rang De La Riviere De L’Est, Sanite Clotilde de Horton, QC

Status: Former Monastery; Former School; Former Asylum; Abandoned and Fenced In; Private Property


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In 1939 the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart purchased this land from a farmer and built a monastery here this is the same building that is on the property now.

In 1953 the building and property were sold to the Brothers of the Christian Instruction who opened up a boy’s school. In the main hall their slogan "Ad Sinite parvulos venire Me" – “Let the children come to me” – can still be seen.

On December 25, 1959 a fire was started – purportedly by three boys smoking – which resulted in the deaths of three boys. Most stories say it was the same ones who were smoking.

The school is then thought to have been closed – probably related to the deaths – but there is no record for this location between 1959 and 1969. In 1969 the building was bought by the Quebec Provincial Government and turned into a care facility for the developmentally disabled.

Given the time line procedures such as lobotomies, insulin shock, cold water therapy and electro-shock therapy would have been commonplace and accepted treatments.

In 1988 on January 23 at about 10 pm another fire was started in the building. Apparently, an employee had had a lighter stolen and it was used to start a mattress on fire. Legend says some patients jumped from the 4th floor to escape the flames; history records that nine patients died in the fire.

The care facility was shut down shortly thereafter and sold to the Seventh Day Adventist Church for conversion into a camp. The camp was never completed due to financial reasons.

The property was abandoned in 2002 and remains so.

The property has gone through a few owners since then who have tried to convert into something financially feasible but none have succeeded. The municipality got a court order to fence off the property off when a past owner tried to create a Halloween event here.

From time to time owners have allowed paranormal investigators on the property for a price but it is unclear whether that is currently true.

As of 2020 the property was once again for sale for 2.8 million dollars. Despite this there is a rumour that the building will be demolished in 2023; although that would seem to be up to the new owner.


Paranormal Activity

This location, without a doubt, is one of the paranormally active places in Quebec. Numerous investigations have been done here.

There are three commonly reported ghosts at this location:

1) A young girl of about 3 or 4 who is usually seen wandering in the woods surrounding the property.

2) Another girl of about 9 or 10 that has given her name as “Emilie” to investigators. She is said to be quite friendly with investigators and numerous EVPs of her have been captured.

3) A young boy – said to be one of the original victims of the 1958 fire – named “James” who is most frequently seen and/or communicated with in the old locker room.

Other Activity: apparitions of monks and former asylum patients; phantom smell of smoke; breathing issues as if smoke were still present or tightness of the throat; shadow figures; disembodied voices; objects moving on their own; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen entities; electrical disturbances; light anomalies; hot and cold spots; unexplained mists and the feeling of not being alone.