(Atlas Coal Mine)

110 Century Drive West, east coulee, ab

(403) 822-2220

Status: Former Mine; Formerly Abandoned; Heritage Site



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This coal mine operated from 1936 to 1979 and is the last complete coal mine left in Canada. It also has the only still standing coal tipple in the Country. It is open from the Victoria Day Weekend to the Thanksgiving Weekend for tours.

The coal mined out of this location was used to heat homes, to cook and for power for CPR’s steam locomotives across the Country. It is the last site left in a valley which once had over 130 operational mines.


Paranormal Activity

The original owners of the mine were the Patrick family. One day their young son, Billie, wandered into the mine and was never seen again. There was a huge search at the time but no sign of Billie was ever found.

His apparition is seen eternally playing on the grounds and is usually described as laughing and having fun. He is also said to be responsible for the phantom running footsteps and disembodied laughter that are heard.

13 people are said to have died in the mine including 4 who died on the same day in a gas explosion. The mine operated for a long time during an era when accidents were rarely reported and a lot of unsavoury things happened during the wars between management and unions so its quite possible there were many more deaths on site.

Apparitions are frequently reported by both visitors and staff in the old wash house.

The ghost of a woman in a brown dress – who is said to have predicted a methane gas explosion – is seen running towards the old mine office or waving to a small boy in the second floor of one of the old employee housing – it is unclear if this boy is Billie or not.

Next door to the shower house a “lady of the night” named Pretty Alice who kept a brass bed for “business transactions”. There are reports of large orb of light moving across this room that is thought to be Annie herself – mediums have made contact with the spirit of Annie in this room.