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The Allen House was built in 1906 for Joe Allen and his family; wife: Caddye and his daughters: Lewie Manker, Lonnie Lee and Ladell. They also had a son who died while still an infant.

Previous to the house there was a building on the property used originally as a girl’s school, then a Confederate hospital during the Civil War and finally as a boy’s school that eventually turned co-ed.

The Allens lived happily until Joe passed away – although Caddye proved to be a very shrewd businesswoman who not only saved the family fortune but increased it. Lonnie Lee and her husband moved in with mom and even Ladell came back home – more on this later – things were good for the Allen family.

Or so it seemed.

Unbeknownst to the family once Ladell returned home she was carrying on a relationship with her first love who happened to be married to someone else. He was more than happy to divorce his wife but she made it clear a large portion of their combined fortunes would leave with her. He was not about to allow that.

Money and land were worth more than being with Ladell it would seem.

On Christmas Day of 1948 Ladell decided the solution to her problems was to ingest a mercury cyanide mixture. She would pass away 8 days later. Her mother sealed up Lidell’s room and it wasn’t opened again for nearly 40 years.

After Caddye passed in 1954 the house was divided up into apartments and rented out. This is when the first stories of paranormal activity were reported.

In the 1960’s it became a dorm for University of Alabama students and then a private residence again the mid-1980’s. This couple opened a shop on the first floor – they also opened Lidell’s sealed room and found a bottle of cyanide – as well as living in the house.

The current owners of the house Mark and Rebecca Spenser found the letters that confirmed Ladell’s illicit affair and the real reason for her suicide.


Paranormal Activity

Paranormal activity dates back to when the house was divided into apartments.

Caddye does not manifest but she has been recorded speaking with investigators and is not shy about her opinion of Ladell’s ex-husband the drunk.

The apparition of a 5 year old boy – whose identity is unknown – appears often to the lady of the house.

Three ghost girls are seen playing in the foyer at the bottom of the stairs. Noises of them playing are heard both when they are visible or not visible.

Joe Allen is also said to be in the house from time to time. He calls himself Allen.

Ladell’s son Allen is an active ghost in the house; only less so than his Mother. He likes to speak the names of female guests and move objects. His apparition – in a cowboy hat no less – has been seen on the 1st floor. He also likes to wonder the attic hoping for visits from the living.

And, finally, Lidell herself. She is a frequent visitor to the turret window in what was her bedroom. Many speculate this is the reason her Mother sealed the bedroom up – in hopes of trapping her ghost in 1 room. She has been seen standing in her bedroom window by uncountable witnesses beginning shortly after her death.

In 1959 a doctor staying the house caught Lidell’s ghost in a mirror when he took a photo. In 1968 a groom took a photo of her new bride in the dining and also caught a Lidell’s ghost form standing beside her. Another couple tried to trap Lidell in a closet while she pushed back and her disembodied giggles were heard.

She’s also said to be responsible for moving objects, unlocking doors, phantom sounds of crying and feelings of not being alone.