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924 Spadina Crescent East

(306) 244-5564

Status: 3 Star Hotel




As far as haunted locations – especially haunted hotels – go this one hasn’t been around for very long. In 1957 August and Gus Verbeke – 2 brothers – came up with the idea of a hotel on the fabulous Spadina Crescent.

After joining with their other siblings to create financing the construction of the hotel began in 1958.

In 1973 – after multiple expansions – the original 2 brothers took over the ownership after buying out their other siblings.

By 1976 there were 109 rooms with an indoor pool.

In 1999 Gus’ son took over the hotel and added another 65 rooms with breath taking views of the river.


Paranormal Activity

There has been only one known paranormal investigation at this site.

There are reports of a possibility of 6 or 7 and possibly as many as 12 ghosts in this 60+ year old hotel.

It is said that the paranormal activity is due to a number of fatal accidents on site. Although we could find no records of any of these accidents.

Only 2 ghosts are actually identified on site: 1) a young girl who haunts the ground floor and has been seen and heard playing a piano and 2) a middle-aged man whose ghost haunts the pool area (he is said to have died in what is called “a tragic accident).

A former nightclub that is now used as an events venue called the Cedar Room is said to be very paranormally active, although we could locate no details proving this.

This location is, obviously, in need of further investigations.


1430 Avenue M S

1350 Avenue K South

Status: Former Tuberculosis Sanatorium; Demolished; Public Park



The Saskatoon Sanatorium was established in 1925 by the Saskatchewan Anti-Tuberculosis Society. It was the second tuberculosis sanatorium built in the Province.

In 1929 Saskatchewan became the first place to offer free diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis attracting thousands of those inflicted with the disease.

With the discovery of antibiotics in the 1940’s and 50’s a treatment for tuberculosis was discovered and the need for the sanatoriums began to dwindle; as did the patient populations.

In the late 1970’s the sanatorium was closed but it had aged and deteriorated so much it was no longer usable as a medical building. Although the Province did open discussions with the public to find another use for the building in the end it was demolished in August of 1989.

Now only Bowerman House – the former sanatorium’s superintendent’s residence – is the only building still standing. The open bowl that once led to the main entrance can be found in the park and people have reported derelict concrete which is said to have once formed parts of the foundation.


Paranormal Activity

A few apparitions have been seen on the property including a large framed man with long dark hair who will stand on the edge of the forest and has been nicknamed “man who fades into the trees”. Any apparitions are thought to be former patients who passed away in the sanatorium.

There are reports of disembodied voices including hearing your name; unexplained mists; cold spots; light anomalies; the huge sanatorium itself suddenly appearing out of swirling mists before faded back into the ether; electrical disturbances; a feeling of uneasiness and anxiety that is said to be  common throughout this entire neighbourhood and feelings of being watched.


1702 20th Street West

(306) 655-5000

Status: Operational Public Hospital




By Julia Adamson <a href="//" title="User:SriMesh">SriMesh</a> <a href="//" title="User talk:SriMesh">talk</a> - <span class="int-own-work" lang="en">Own work</span>, CC BY 2.5, Link


The first St Paul’s Hospital was opened in the residence of Dr Willoughby during a typhoid outbreak in 1907.

The first building where the hospital is now was opened in 1913 by the Grey Nuns who had stopped in Saskatoon to help during the original typhoid epidemic. The now B-Wing was built in 1963 and the A-Wing in 1989.

1995 St Paul’s became an affiliate of Saskatchewan Health Authority. In 1999 the Grey Nuns transferred ownership of the hospital to the Saskatchewan Catholic Health Corporation.


Paranormal Activity

Late in the evening or during the overnight hours are the best times to witness the paranormal activity due to the hospital being not so busy with less ambient noises and activity.

The apparitions of nuns have been seen walking in the basement.

Disembodied voices and phantom footsteps have been reported throughout the hospital by staff, patients and visitors.

Doors have been seen opening and closing on their own. There are rumours the hospital has this and other activity on video recordings.

Other Activity: apparitions of nurses and former patients in the halls of the hospital; nurse call buttons being pressed in empty rooms; electrical disturbances; cold spots; light anomalies; objects moving their own and feelings of being watched and not being alone.