Asylum Road

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Status: Former Farm; Former Summer Residence; State Park; Closed After Dark



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In 1905 Samuel P Colt – nephew of the firearms manufacturer Samuel Colt - purchased 3 farms and turned the property into his summer residence. He built a house and a stone barn for his prize cow herd.

In 1921, when Colt passed away, his lands were transferred to an Industrial Trust Company but, as stipulated in his will, they remained open to the public. With no one really taking care of them the lands were heavily vandalized to the point where the remaining statues had to be taken away for protection in storage.

Colt’s house had to be torn down but his stone cow barn is still on the property.

In 1965 the State over ownership under the eminent domain laws and opened up the lands as a State Park in 1968.

It is now a gorgeous park of 464 acres (188 hectares) with a beach, picnic areas, hiking trails and an observation tower.


Paranormal Activity

Previous to Colt’s purchase of the land it had contained 3 farms. Legend says a farm hand died on the land – in the building now used as a park office - and he is the ghost that haunts the park office.

He is known for slamming doors shut, turning lights on and off, cold spots and feelings of being watched.

The hiking trails are also said to be haunted by 2 young sisters who are said to have drowned in the park in the 1970’s. They tend to follow around hikers calling out with their phantom laughter which is described as being quite eerie. Their apparitions are also seen near Suicide Hill where they have been reported as walking toward people – the ghosts are usually holding hands – but will disappear into thin air if approached.



(Farm On Round Top Road)

1677 Round Top Road

Status: Famous Haunted House



Paranormal Investigations can be Booked


There is not a lot on the history of this house previous to when the Perron Family moved in. Unfortunately, the majority of that information seems to have been embellished or outright made up. There are many websites and articles that claim a number of murders, suicides and one rape/murder have taken place on the property – all of which can be disproven with some concrete research.

Have people died in the house? Considering its age long predates modern medicine I would say its highly likely people have.

For a comprehensive comparison between the stories and the truth please click on this link.

In January of 1971 Roger and Carolyn Perron did move into this house with their 5 daughters. They reported a massive amount of paranormal activity – most of which has been labeled as evil and demonic. This has been well documented in the movie The Conjuring.

The movie was based on the journals of Ed and Lorraine Warren – famed paranormal investigators – and the movie, plus a 3 volume book set by Andrea Perron, – one of the five daughters – has made this property so famous it has been called this generation’s Amityville Horror.

That may be true, at least in the amount of controversy it has caused.

After the Perrons left the house in 1980 it was owned by the Sutcliffes from 1987 until 2017 who ran a daycare and cooking lessons out of the house. They reported very little paranormal activity and were quick to say all of it could have had natural causes.

The current owners – although they have recently put the house up for sale – are Cory and Jennifer Heinzen who have reported paranormal activity. They even allow people to do overnight investigations – many of these investigators are also convinced the house in haunted.


Paranormal Activity

I’m putting aside the activity reported by the Perrons – if you want to see the best representation of their experiences in the house, I suggest watching the movie.

The Sutcliffes reported some vibration in some of their furniture as well as doors opening and closing on their own. As mentioned above Mrs Sutcliffe is quick to say these events could have a normal explanation.

The Heinzens have reported quite a bit more paranormal activity – as have the people who’ve investigated the house (I have not) – including: disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, doors open and closing on their own, lights flashing in rooms where no light is one, knockings and a black mist that gathers before moving on.

The Heinzens also state they had no experiences with anything evil or malicious.



1351 Cranston Street

(401) 944-9226

Status: Former Residence; Museum


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The house was built about 1790 by the Sprague family.

It was expanded to 28 rooms in 1864.

Three generations of the Sprague family lived in the house. It is the birthplace of 2 former Governors of Rhode Island: William Sprague III and his nephew William Sprague IV.

The Spragues founded the Sprague Print Works – now Cranston Print Works – in 1808. It is the only continuously printing textile company in the United States.

The house is now owned by the Cranston Historical Society; they took over ownership in 1967. They saved it from being demolished by the city to building an apartment building for seniors.

Tours can be booked by appointment.


Paranormal Activity

No one knows who is actually haunting this house.

It could be Charlie the butler a spirit who revealed himself in a Ouija board session in the house.

It also could be Amasa Sprague who was murdered on New Year’s Eve in 1843. He was found bludgeoned to death just out of sight of the house; he had also been bitten by a dog and had been shot in the wrist.

At the time John Gordan – who was seen arguing earlier with Sprague – was found guilty by very circumstantial evidence and hung in the State Prison Yard (where Providence Place Mall is now). In 2011 evidence was found exonerating Gordon.

The true killer was never found.

William Sprague II also died in the house are having a chicken bone lodge in the throat choking him.

And who exactly is the female presence people report?

When the Historical Society took over there was a small room filled with dolls and one volunteer witnessed a thin white mist moving through the room. The eyes on the dolls – eyes that were painted on – were seen, and photographed, moving.

In the wine cellar people feel uneasy and as if they are being watched. Bright orbs of light have been photographed and seen by the naked eye. There are also reports of people being touched by unseen entities; as well as sightings of that same thin white mist.

There are reports dating back to the 1920’s of the apparition of a woman on the central staircase. She also been seen in the house’s cupola.

People have also reported being passed by something described as an arctic wind on the staircase.

People have seen both movement and other explained things in mirrors behind them including the forms of people that cannot be seen with naked eye.



(Rhode Island School for the Feebleminded)(Exeter School)

Narganst Drive and Main Street

Status: Former School for the Developmentally Delayed; Formerly Abandoned; Completely Demolished



This location was demolished in 2013 – 2014. Although, much like many other locations, it is very likely that the demolition did not end the paranormal activity.

Originally known as the Rhode Island School For The Feeble Minded (yah we know suffice it to say it was a different time), this facility was opened in 1907. It was originally a farm colony with patients and staff housed in cottages.

In 1909 a girl's dormitory was built and a waiting list established for the male patients. The name was changed to the more civilized "Exeter School" in 1917. By the late 1920's the institution had become a virtual wasteland for society's unwanted.

In the 50's Dr Ladd himself would retire amid growing controversy and allegations and in the 80's both the private mental health facilities and the state attempted to close the facility but it would not fully close until 1993.

Whether completely true or not (and more than likely exaggerated) there are stories of horrible abuse including rapes, beatings and even burning patients alive. This site does seem to have left a echo of pain and sadness that continues to this day even with the structures destroyed.


Paranormal Activity

Light anomalies, objects yanked or slapped out of people's hands, electronic devices malfunctioning including turning on when there is no power source, phantom footsteps, phantom screams and cries for help, feeling of being watched and not wanted

Feelings of being followed, empathic feelings of intense pain, anger, fear and/or sadness, shadow figures and being stalked by shadow figures, phantom winds, sounds of things being dragged over the floors, apparitions of former patients, disembodied voices and doors opening and closing on their own.

Like we said it is unlikely than merely tearing down the buildings would end this level of activity and may have even increased it. There are also rumors of a crematorium and decrepit cemetery still on site.



26 Marlborough Street

(401) 849-3600

Status: Heritage Building (Oldest Tavern in the USA)



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The original building in this location was built in 1652 and enlarged to become a tavern in 1673.

Although the license to actually become a tavern wasn’t issued until 1687 the building was used as a meeting place as well as a court house and a city hall. It was first named the White Horse Tavern in 1730.

During the American Revolution the building was used for quarters for the British Forces during the occupation of Newport and the Battle of Rhode Island.

After a long history as a boarding house a large amount of money was donated for renovation of the building back into a tavern in 1952. Once the renovation was complete the building was sold and has functioned as a privately owned bar and restaurant ever since.


Paranormal Activity

This location is considered one to be of the most haunted restaurants in the United States.

The apparition of a woman is seen wandering throughout the building; she has a tendency to disappear suddenly when she is near the fireplace.

In 1720 two men came to the tavern looking for a room. In the morning one of the men had completely disappeared and the other one was found dead by the fireplace. The male ghost seen near the fireplace is thought to be the man whose body was found there.

Yet another fireplace – this may be the same ghost as the man above the reports at this location tend to overlap - is haunted by a man in colonial dress who is thought to be another patron found dead by mysterious causes – this time in a second floor room. This ghost is also seen in the men’s bathroom. Despite frequently the male washroom he is said to be particularly fond of female patrons.

Another ghost has been nicknamed the “guardian of the building” and, although they never show themselves, seems to keep eye on the staff sometimes reminding them to lock up the building or tapping them on the shoulder.

Outside of the bathrooms on the second floor the phantom sounds of a little girl crying are reported. Phantom footsteps are commonly heard on the second floor.

Many patrons have felt a heavy hand on their shoulder only to turn around and see no one there.



(Old Slater Mill)

67 Roosevelt Avenue

(401) 725-8638

Status: Former Textile Mill; National Historic Site




The original part of the mill was constructed in 1793 by Samuel Slater who had apprenticed in England and learned the method of building machines to spin cotton yarn using water power. He was the first to employ children and families in his mills which became known as the Rhode Island System.

This site is considered the place where the Industrial Revolution began in America.

The building was added to many times in the 19th century and was used a cotton mill until 1895. It was then used as an industrial site until 1925.

In 1921 a non-profit organization set about restoring the mill to its original design in the early 19th century. Renovations were begun in 1923 and it was opened up as a museum in 1955.

The historical site includes 2 mills – the Slater and Wilkinson Mills – 5 acres of land on both sides of the Blackstone River, a dam and a historical house – Sylvanus Brown House – that was moved to the site.

There were several fires during the history of the mill and it was the site of first factory strike in the USA in 1824.


Paranormal Activity

There are ghost tours available but it appears they only give them around Halloween.

As mentioned above many of the employees at the mill were children – the majority of which were between 7 and 16 – as they were the perfect size to remove the broken threads and untie the tangled ones. Of course, the machines couldn’t be stopped for these duties and children had to move quickly not to be maimed or killed by the huge fast moving machines.

Many were not fast enough.

Apparitions of the children killed by the machines are seen fairly frequently especially by other children. The phantom screams of these children are often heard by both employees and visitors. Cold spots and rapid decreases in temperatures are also reported.

The apparition of a man is also seen walking through the mill. He is probably just a former employee but many fancifully think it might be the ghost of Slater himself.

In the Wilkinson Mill the powerful water wheel that once powered the entire site was housed. It was also used for repairing broken equipment. There is a presence that is reported as hostile toward the living in this building and it is frequently described as the scariest building on the site. Many have described a heavy energy draining them in this building.

Many people have been scratched in this building and a shadow figure is said to haunt here. The apparition of a small boy is also seen here.

In the Sylvanus Brown House, there is a ghost named Becca. Unlike her brother and sister ghosts she is said to be very friendly and playful. She is known for communicating with the living especially through diving rods.

Becca also shows herself in an upstairs window looking out over the site.

The ghosts of a man and a woman are also reported in the house.

Other Activity: objects disappearing and then reappearing often in another building; objects moving on their own including flying through the air; light anomalies and feelings of not being alone.



(Providence Biltmore)

11 Dorrance Street

(401) 421-0700

Status: History Century 4 Star Hotel; Urban Legend



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Built in 1922 this hotel was funded by 1,800 citizens of Providence as it was meant to inspire civic pride. The project was an idea born from the Providence Chamber of Commerce.

When the hotel opened on June 6, 1922 it was the second tallest building in Providence – the tallest being the Rhode Island State House – and today it is still the 9th tallest building in the city. The new Bowman-Biltmore Hotels chain took over the initial management of the hotel.

It originally had 600 rooms.

Despite different owners the name Biltmore stuck with the hotel until just recently.

Being the only luxury hotel in the city for many years anyone who was anybody – famous and infamous – stayed at the Biltmore or met in it’s eateries and bars. Celebrities, bootleggers, politicians etc and it was part of pretty much every political and social scandal in the State for many years.

The hotel was also known for accepting both Caucasian and African-American guests in a time when most businesses practiced strict racial segregation. They even bought ads in the Negro Motorist Green Book.

In 1947 the hotel was bought by Sheraton Hotels and became the Sheraton-Biltmore Hotel.

In 1954 Hurricane Carol flooded the lobby of the hotel to a depth of 8 feet. To this day there is a plaque in the lobby marking the high water line from this flood.

In 1968 Sheraton sold the hotel to Gotham Hotels.

In 1975 the hotel had lawsuits of over $10,000 ($55,000 in 2022 dollars) in unpaid bills and back taxes. Unable to pay Gotham Hotels closed the hotel and it remained vacant for 4 years.

The hotel reopened in 1979 under the new name of Biltmore Plaza Hotel after an extensive renovation including the construction of the glass elevator – which no longer works – and renovations to the rooms including creating some suites.

The hotel went through many different owners and names but was finally sold out of receivership in 2012 when Finard Coventry Hotel Management bought it for $16 million. They then put another $10 million in renovations and the hotel became a member of Curio – A Collection By Hilton.

In 2017 the hotel was sold again; this time to AJ Capital Partners out of Chicago who added it to their family of Graduate boutique hotels. While they removed the name Biltmore for the first time for the hotel’s title, they have retained the iconic neon sign saying Biltmore.


Paranormal Activity

This hotel is called haunted, famously haunted, incredibly haunted on many websites and YouTube videos but when it comes to actual evidence or even witness accounts there’s really not much.

There is a rumor one of the original financiers – Leisse Weisskopf – was a known Satanist who committed animal and possibly human sacrifices either on the roof or in the hotel. There are efven stories that the hotel was Satanist education center (?). There is no historical documentation to base this on.

Frankly, if I’ve learned anything in a lifetime of searching alleged haunted locations as soon as Satanism or Satan is mentioned we’ve crossed into the pure Urban Legend world.

There are also stories of the mafia using the hotel and many murders and executions happening in the hotel. Again, there is no historical proof of any of that happening; in fact, there’s no record of any murders happening in the hotel at all.

In the 1940’s a woman did commit suicide by jumping out of one of the windows. Ever since then the front desk has been receiving calls from concerned guests who thought they saw someone falling from a higher floor.

There are stories of ghostly parties still happening in the hotel’s ballroom with see-thru dancers on the dance floor. Other reports include the phantom sounds of parties coming from empty rooms including glasses clinking and the stomping feet of party goers.