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Status: Natural Reserve; Rape/Murder Site; Urban Legend



Reader Discretion is Advised: While not graphic this article contains rape, murder, self harm and revenge.


East Point was first used as a major defensive point in World War II. The Japanese Imperial Naval Air Force actually bombed Darwin during the war. There is now a military museum where the defensive guns are situated.

Stretching between Fannie Bay and the Nightcliff, Headland East Point Reserve is the largest park in Darwin.

There are kilometres of biking and hiking paths through the park. There is even safe salt water swimming in Lake Alexander – safe assumedly means no salt water crocodiles. There’s also a large playground and countless picnic sites.

Numerous species of Australian wildlife make this park their home including wallabies and many bird and reptile species. There is also a marine park stretching out into the water from the park protecting wildlife.

It is said to be one of the best places in the world to watch the sun set.


Paranormal Activity


The stories – meaning any and all versions – cannot be historically verified though many have tried.

Never forget, though, all Urban Legends have some truth in them somewhere.

The are multiple versions of the Legend of the Poinciana Woman who haunts the park.

Many think the word is just a version of the Malay word Pontianak and that the ghost is truly a vampire.

There are also versions where the woman is one who died in childbirth and intentionally seeks other women suffering while giving birth to comfort them.

The most commonly believed version is the Poinciana Woman, though, is much darker. She was actually gang raped – sometimes by Australians and sometimes she is Asian and was attacked by Japanese fisherman – and hung on a poinciana tree to die. Another version blames soldiers for raping an aboriginal woman.

Other versions say she took her own life due to becoming pregnant.

The legend dates back to the 1950’s just after World War II – when the Japanese were still viewed as evil accounting for the Asian version of the story – there is no mention of the story previous to this.

The Northern Territory – especially in the past – is said to have the worst and most open racism toward the aboriginal population in all of Australia. The aboriginal woman version is said to be the most popular version in Darwin itself.

The accepted location for where the Poinciana Woman was brutally attacked and murdered is just east of the old military base – now military museum – where a large number of Royal Poinciana trees grow and are protected by the government.

This is also the area that should be used for summoning her. This said to be best done on a moonless night by spinning around 3 times and calling her name. Not surprisingly she is most often called on by women who have treated badly by men from cheaters to rapists.

It is unknown what would happen should a man attempt to summon the Poinciana Woman – personally I wouldn’t attempt it.

All reported paranormal activity is after dark when she can be summoned.

The most common description of her is a pale face with long dark hair plastered to it. She is in a torn white dress and said to be very beautiful and voluptuous – although admiring her is not recommended – with her hands covered in blood; male blood to be specific.

Photos have been taken in the park – specifically near the spot mentioned above – of misty shapes.

Reported Activity: the misty apparition of a young woman moving quickly through the area; sounds of something moving through the brush and trees; phantom screams and howls echoing through the area and feelings of being watched.