East End of College Street

Status: Public Park; Urban Legend; Haunting only Active After Dark



Another haunting that could easily be dismissed as just another Urban Legend or folklore; but there’s always a grain of truth in there somewhere.

Whichever story is true – if either of them – there is a ghost in these woods and she is not happy.

Original Story

Molly was a pre-Civil War slave girl and the young master – either the owner or an older son of the owner – took a liking to her. In some versions they begin an illicit affair and in some they never get that far. Historically, it would seem more likely than he forced himself on poor Molly but time always turns these tales to a romantic side.

Either way the female townsfolk – or female members of his family – take offense and unfairly blame Molly for the whole thing. She is taken to a tree and hung to death.

Updated Version

Fast forward over 100 years and Molly is a teenage girl on a date with her boyfriend. They park in the hollow and things begin to get romantic. This turns into an argument that infuriates Molly to the point that she leaves the car and makes her way into the forest. In some versions he breaks it off and adds insult to injury by abandoning her in the dark woods.

Molly becomes so upset she decides to end it all by hanging herself from a tree.

Of course, its entirely possible there never was a Molly or any girl but a Tulpa has been created by so many people believing in the legend.


Paranormal Activity

All paranormal activity takes place after dark; which, admittedly, sounds rather suspicious. I have been to a few locations of these Urban Legends that only take place after dark only to find there is paranormal activity in the day light but most people ignore it. Its much easier to say oh that was just the wind or an animal when the sun is shining.

There is a shelter in the Hollow that is said to be haunted by Molly.

Most commonly, the bone chilling female screams that this haunting is famous for are said to come from here.

There is, though, a number of other things that happen here that are not so famous. Her apparition has been seen as a dark figure in the shelter. Light anomalies (orbs or flashing lights) are seen and photographed here. Unexplained mists are known to form very quickly inside the shelter and have been photographed.

For the brave investigator willing to tramp off into the dark woods: Molly’s ghost has been seen hanging from a noose twisting slowly in the wind; whether its windy or not.



508 North 2nd Street

(913) 367-2427 Phone Number for Tours at the House

Status: Former Doctor’s Office; Former Residence



Paranormal Attraction; Overnight Investigations Available


This house was built in the mid-19th Century. It is considered the most haunted location in Kansas’ most haunted place. It is also known as one of the most haunted houses in North America.

There is only recorded death in the house is from when the house was a doctor’s office. A woman brought her 6 year old daughter – Sallie – with terrible abdominal pain. The doctor quickly diagnosed severe appendicitis and – so the story goes – began the operation to remove her swollen appendix before the anesthesia had taken effect. Sallie’s screaming immediately stopped and she went limp.

Many think Sallie died thinking the doctor was trying to cause her pain. Many believe Sallie attacks middle aged men because she believes them to be the doctor.


Paranormal Activity

This house is considered a high level haunting and it is recommended for only experienced paranormal investigators. Should you choose to enter this house extreme caution and awareness is recommended.

Prior to 1993 the house was known for its paranormal activity but the activity turned up quite a few notches when a young couple rented the house.

Whatever haunts this house took an immediate dislike to the husband to the point of attacking him by scratching his chest and stomach. There were many witnesses to objects suddenly moving away from him. The ghost never once physically interacted with either the wife nor their baby.

Their dog began furiously barking at nothing especially in the area of the nursery. The former operating room would suddenly plunge in temperature. Then the activity became truly frightening when attacks were upped on the husband and small fires began to spontaneously break out.

Paranormal activity is still frequently reported in the house including: apparitions and shadow figures; sudden temperature changes; touches, pushes and pulls by unseen entities; bruises and scratches suddenly appearing on people’s bodies; objects moving on their own; animals – including guide dogs – will not enter the nursery; video and audio equipment refusing to work; electrical disturbances including full batteries draining in seconds; physical symptoms including headaches, nausea and sore throats; disembodied voices and other unexplained sounds; doors and windows opening and closing on their own; floating objects and feelings of being watched, not being alone and not being wanted.

This haunting is especially intense on middle aged men.



410 Kearny Avenue

(913) 684-8101

Status: Active US Army Base



Please remember this is an active US Army Base and Training Center trespassing can be meant with everything up and including lethal force.

By Noah Albro, Command and General Staff College PAO - Fort Leavenworth Public Affairs Office, Public Domain, Link


This base is the oldest operating US Army Base west of the Mississippi River and has been in operation for over 180 years. It is home to the United States Army Combined Arms Center, the United States Disciplinary Barracks (the only maximum security institution operated by the US Army), the United States Army Command and General Staff College through which almost all modern US Army Officers ranked Major and above have passed through, Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery and many other important centers for the US Army.

It is the most important training center for the US Army.

The first fort on this location was built by the French in the 18th Century who abandoned it at the conclusion of the French-Indian War. In 1827 the original Fort Leavenworth was established here by Col Henry Leavenworth as a forward base for protecting the Santa Fe Trail.

The Rookery (the oldest building in Kansas) was originally built in 1832 to serve as the bachelor officers’ quarters but served as the office of the first Territorial Governor of Kansas until the capitol was moved to Pawnee.

This fort also played important parts in the both the Utah (Mormon) War and the Mexican-American War.

In the Civil War all volunteers from Kansas were trained here for the Union Army. The Confederate Army built Fort Sully nearby (which the ruins of can still be seen near the National Cemetery) but the Confederate troops meant for Sully were defeated near the present site of Kansas City and never occupied the fort.

The “Buffalo Soldiers” (African-American soldiers) were formed here to fight in the Civil War and a monument stands on the grounds to them.

In 1875 the penitentiary was built to house US Army soldiers convicted of committing serious crimes.

As the 19th Century came to a close this fort was mainly involved in conflicts against the Native American population (over 1,000 of them).

In the early to mid 20th Century most of the Generals we know from the history books were trained here including MacArthur, Bradley, Eisenhower and Patton.

The plans were drawn up here the provided the major strategies that would allow the Allies to win both World Wars. During the Cold War Nike-Hercules missiles were stationed here in a plan to bring down Soviet nuclear bombers.

In the National Cemetery some very famous US Army officers (all way back to the War Of 1812) are buried including 10 Medal of Honor recipients. Burials are now closed here but are permitted for soldiers with members of their family already interned.


Paranormal Activity

The ghost of Catherine Sutter is still seen here sometimes carrying a lantern. She arrived here with her family in 1880 to rest before continuing west. Her husband and children were sent out one day to collect firewood and never returned. Catherine wintered over at the fort desperately searching for her family until she caught pneumonia and died.

Her apparition is still seen in the National Cemetery and adjoining golf course still calling for her children. She is dressed in calico dress and a black shawl.

The apparition of Chief Joesph is also seen here, he was imprisoned here in 1877 until his death.

In the Chief Of Staff’s Quarters the phantom sounds of a party are often heard in the empty parlor. The apparitions of an old man, an old woman and very angry young girl have been seen; and are said to be responsible for other paranormal activity, in The Rookery – the oldest house on base.

Sheridan House is said to be haunted Mrs Sheridan forever angry that her husband, Gen Philip Sheridan, abandoned her on her deathbed to go to Chicago.

In the McClellan Officers Quarters the apparition of a man with goatee is often seen by the fireplace and he is blamed for loud phantom footsteps as if someone is in the house at night.



501 Ohio Drive

(785) 364-3151

Status: Historical Haunted Hotel

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Paranormal Investigations Can Be Booked


This hotel was built by AD Walker in 1889 who named it for his daughter Josephine; she was only 4 months old at the time.

This hotel was in continuous operation longer than any other hotel west of the Mississippi when it closed in 2010. In 2011 it was opened again and in 2020 the current owner, Sara Fox, bought the hotel and modernized it.

Both political figures and celebrities have stayed here during it’s long history including the 22nd President Grover Cleveland, Robert Louis Stevenson – author of Treasure Island and even Kirstie Alley.


Paranormal Activity

This location bills itself as the most haunted hotel in Kansas.

There are a number of paranormal events at this location every year. You can also book your own overnight investigation through the website link above.

The Buffalo Room is considered the most haunted – there is photographic evidence captured in this room on the hotel’s website – and therefore the most booked. There is a bell in a closet in the room that is known to ring with absolutely no interference by the living.

The apparition of an old man who is said to be very grouchy haunts the John Wayne Room.

Josephine, herself, is said to haunt the entire hotel and can be found all over the building. The ghosts of children are said to haunt the basement.

In the Carrie Nation Room the legend is that a woman hung herself in the closet. There are numerous records of people being forced to leave the room clutching their necks and having difficulty breathing.

Other Reported Activity: shaking beds; electrical disturbances; disembodied voices; phantom footsteps; shadow figures and possibly shadow people; phantom laughter and other unexplained sounds and feeling of being watched and not being alone.



945 Shawnee Road

Status: Heritage Property; Private Residence; Urban Legend; For Sale

No Public Access



This house was built between 1871 and 1873 in the Italian Classical style by Anton Sauer for his family. He moved to Kansas City from Austria after his first wife passed away looking for a drier environment due to his worsening tuberculosis.

Once in America he married a widow, Mary, with 2 children – he had 5 himself – and they had 5 more together before his death in 1879. Mary stayed in the mansion with the children until her own death in 1919.

Five generations of the Sauer family lived in the house until 1955 when it was bought by Paul Berry. He lived there until his death in 1986 although he dealt with constant problems with trespassers due to the stories of the house being haunted.

In 1987 the house was bought with plans of turning it into a bed & breakfast but it didn’t pan out. In 1988 Carl Lopp – a relative of the Saur family – bought the house with intentions of fixing it up. Lopp’s caretaker was charged with a felony theft after stealing a number of items from the house.

In January of 2022 the house was put up for sale again; with a reported price tag of $10 million.

The house is surrounding by a 8 foot fence; trespassing is illegal.



250 North 1600 Road

Status: Closed Cemetery; Open Dawn - Dusk


By Ayleen Gaspar - <a rel="nofollow" class="external free" href="


This area of the State was settled by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the mid-19th Century and called their new town Stull. The infamous church in the cemetery – demolished in 2002 – was built in 1860. As the 20th Century began the population began to leave eventually there was nothing left but an abandoned church and the town’s graveyard.

So how did this small town church and cemetery become known as one of the most evil places in America? It is said that black magic practitioners, Satanists and other undesirables took over the church once it was abandoned. There is also stories of a murder on the grounds in 1850 – a decade before the church was even constructed – that desecrated the land.

The cemetery is now known as one the lost gateways to Hell - the 7th gate to be exact – and it is rumored to be where Satan holds court with his followers. Rumor also has it that Satan’s half human half animal son is buried here in an unmarked grave after he was killed after an 11 month killing spree at the age of 11.

If you think this all sounds like an Urban Legend(s) you’re not alone. Remember, though, inside of every urban legend is a crumb of the truth.


Paranormal Activity

At the autumn and spring equinoxes mists and lights are said to appear over the grave of Satan’s son. On these dates – sometimes Halloween instead of the autumn equinox – is it also said the Gates of Hell open. A mist filled set of stairs leading downward beckoning witnesses to descend into the Underworld.

There is also a rumored dark witch buried here and she can be picked up on recorded EVPs saying “keep away from my bones” and “watch your step”. Her husband is buried beside her but his grave site keeps lifting up; rumor has it the witch is trying to move his final resting spot away from hers.

It is also said the ghosts of all of those who died violently come to cemetery on the equinoxes and Halloween. So, this cemetery is party central for the forces of Hell at least 3 days a year.

A church stood abandoned on the property from 1922 until 2002 when it was torn down apparently by a local – without the owner’s permission – in an attempt to end the rumors and legends. Obviously, this failed.



500 State Hospital Drive

(913) 755-7000

Status: Insane Asylum/Mental Hospital; Partially Abandoned; Partially Demolished; Partially Active




Founded in 1866 this hospital was the first hospital in Kansas for the treatment of mental illnesses.

In March of 1863 2 County Commissioners were tasked with finding a suitable site for the building of a Kansas State Asylum. They were limited to Miami County in the vicinity of Osawatomie.

Part of the original parcel of land was donated by the people of Osawatomie and the rest of was purchased by the State of Kansas. The original site was about 170 acres.

A farmhouse was the original asylum – with bars on the windows – and there were only 4 inmates (what patients were called in that time period). With 2 storeys and 8 rooms it was intended to hold 10 – 12 patients.

This house was used as a polio isolation structure before being torn down.

When it opened on November 1, 1866 it was known as both the State Lunatic Asylum and the State Insane Asylum.

In 1868 Kansas came up with the funds to build a Kirkbride Building – a design by Thomas Kirkbride with administration in the center and 2 wings out of the central (one male; one female) with the most violent patients housed at the far end of the wings – on the site.

This massive building was constantly being built and expanded over the next 18 years with the patient population constantly expanding. As with other institutions in North American and Europe overcrowding was a continual issue.

In 1869 the main administration building was begun called “The Old Main”. It provided offices, staff housing, a chapel, a kitchen and laundry facilities. A fire burned out the center of the building in 1880 and it was 18 years before it was completed.

In 1892 and 1895 the 2 Knapp buildings were constructed named after a previous superintendent of the facility. They were used for housing the incurable male patients.

Also, in 1895 the Adair Building was opened for housing the incurable female patients.

By 1900 the site had increased from 170 acres to 720 acres and numerous buildings had been built all over the campus.

In the early 20th century nurses were finally given a 2 year training course and female nurses were allowed to care of male patients. Previous to this both the male and female attendants worked 16 hours a day for 19 days before getting one day off and sometimes responsible for over 100 patients each; plus they had absolutely no training.

Without training many of them feared the patients and kept them in restraints like straitjackets for days at a time.

Electrotherapeutics were also approved for patient treatment at this time; the pretty name for electro-shock therapy.

By 1945 the overcrowding in the asylum was so bad the ratio of doctors to patients was 1:854.

In 1905 the Asylum Bridge was built leading to a brick road that led to the eastern entrance of the asylum. It was abandoned in the 1970s but the bridge remains – albeit gated off – as well as pieces of the original brick road. For many of the patients this bridge was the last time they saw the outside world.

In the later half of the 20th century the invention of anti-psychotic drugs preceded the movement of many patients out of the giant asylum system and into group home settings. Many patients could now use prescribed medications to live a normal life and go home again.

The facilities population began to decline quickly.

In 2010 the State demolished the majority of the old buildings on the site including “Old Main” and the Kirkbride Building. There are still a few left like the infirmary which dates back to 1902 and remains abandoned on the site.

Osawatomie State Mental Hospital is now a state of the art facility in the treatment of the mentally ill. Facilities range from outpatient day programs to those confined to the facility by court order.


Paranormal Activity

This facility is an operation mental health facility and access to the hospital and land is restricted.

The reports of the paranormal activity today are in the old buildings that still stand – some of which are part of the modern facility – and areas of the campus where the old buildings stood before being demolished.

Reported Activity: apparitions of former patients and staff have been reported throughout the campus; ghostly faces looking out of the empty windows of the old buildings: this was also reported in the buildings that have been demolished; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen entities; electrical disturbances; time and dimensional shifts; empathic sensations of sadness especially near the asylum bridge and the site of the Kirkbride Building; phantom footsteps in the old buildings; disembodied voices, screams and cries; unexplained sounds from faint whispers to loud bangs; light anomalies; mysterious mists; sudden temperature changes; unexplained smells like smoke, ozone and decomposing flesh; unexplained breezes and feelings of not being alone and being watched.

Removal of any material from the grounds is inadvisable as they are stories of people experiencing paranormal activity in their homes after removing souvenirs.