Corner of 8th Avenue and Harding Avenue

Status: Former Residence; Formerly Abandoned; Demolished; Famous Haunted House

There is a new house built on the site



There is no real history of this property other than 2 startling stories of paranormal activity – which will be covered below.


Paranormal Activity

Although the house was demolished – a house known as “the most haunted house in Hawaii” – and another house built on the grounds it appears this had no effect on the haunting.

There are reasons generally given as to why this house and grounds are so haunted: 1) A man killed his wife and 2 kids here and while the wife and son’s body were recovered the daughter’s was not. 2) A lesbian couple lived in the house and one of them began seeing a man – when he found out the truth he killed both women and himself in the house. Neither of these stories can be verified.

The original house was said to be the residence of a Kasha which is defined as a ghoul feeding on the dead, or a cat like demon stealing souls and as a man-eating ghost – all definitions based on Japanese mythology.

In 1942 the police were called to the house for what seemed to be a domestic disturbance – loud bangs and screams were being heard coming from the house. When the police arrived, they found a single mother asking for help as something invisible was attacking her children.

Upon entering the house, the police found 1 boy and 2 girls being assaulted by a force or entity that could not be seen. Apparently, this had begun when the boy said he could smell the ghosts. After 30 minutes the police – who were attacked as well – got everyone out of the house and incident ended.

In the 1970’s three young women lived in the house and left one night because they heard people moving around in the house and talking – one girl. They spent the night with one of girl’s mothers and called the police to escort them back to the house.

The police car followed the 3 women; who were all in one car. Suddenly the girls pulled into a parking lot and the police officer reported he could see the girl in the middle of the front seat was fighting off something invisible that was clearly trying to straggle her.

The officer attempted to help the girl but was grabbed by a muscular arm he said could not have belonged to a young woman. The officer called for assistance. When the responding officer arrived the one of the scene – was white as a sheet – said there’s a ghost in that car. The girls were reported as being, understandably, hysterical.

The girl was attacked was put in a police car which immediately stalled and would not start until she was put back in the girl’s car. Upon leaving the parking lot the girl’s car passenger door opened up and the same girl was pushed out – again she was trying to pull invisible hands away from her neck.

There are many other stories of paranormal activity related to the house but both the stories above were in the newspaper as well as official police reports. Other Paranormal Activity: cold spots and extreme temperature changes; light anomalies; touches by unseen presences; objects moving on their own; shadow figures and feelings of being watched and not being alone.


735 B Iwilei Road

Status: Sacred Site, Former Cannery, Operational Theater, Urban Legend



This theater sits on the site of a former Dole Cannery which was closed in 1991. Hence the name

It is also rumored the Cannery – and therefore the theatre – was built on an ancient Hawaiian heiau or sacred site. Many of these sites are benign but this one, apparently, was used for blood sacrifices – both animal and human.

There is also a legend – which cannot be historically substantiated – that there was a fatal school bus accident near this location in the 1980’s.


Paranormal Activity

Theater 14 is said to be haunted by a man in his 50’s. His apparition is seen in the back corner of the theater.

The disembodied sounds of children talking and laughing is said to be heard in the bathrooms. This, according to legend, traces its origins back to the school bus accident.

Theater patrons have also reported cold spots and a feeling of being watched and not alone.


364 South King Street

(808) 522-0822

Status: Former Royal Residence; National Landmark



By Unknown author - <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="http://www.hawaiialive.org/viewer.php?resource=466&amp;hostType=sub&amp;hostID=107">Bernice P. Bishop Museum</a> Call Number: Album: 1995.308.018., Public Domain, Link


This location is only Royal Palace in the United States.

This is the second palace to site on these grounds, the first being a simple throne room with a state dining room also in the building. The Kings of Hawaii slept in nearby - much cooler - grass huts nearby.

This palace was built in 1840 and only 2 monarchs actually ruled from it before the overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy. In 1893 a society of Hawaiian and American citizens overthrew the monarchy in hopes of getting the islands annexed by the United States. They failed in that goal, but did put an end to the monarchy. The United States Congress would not allow the annexment of the territory until 1898.

After the territory was annexed, the palace became the official seat of the Governor and eventually the headquarters for the US Hawaiian forces during the Second World War. In 1969 the state government of Hawaii was moved from the palace and into to the new Hawaii State Capitol Building where the former barracks of the Royal Guard had been.

The palace is now open to the public for tours. Although in 2008 it was taken over by a group trying to peacefully restore the monarchy and remove the United States.


Paranormal Activity

The apparition of a lady in black has been seen - most commonly just seen for a second out of the corner of people's eyes. She is most often seen near the offices that the offices once used by the Queen and it is assumed that it is the Queen herself. The last Queen of Hawaii passed away in 1917 after a stroke.

Shadow figures have been seen wandering in the building. A piano sealed in glass in the Blue Room has played on its own - not a song but just random keys being pressed down. The door to the Queen's bedroom has opened on its own after the palace is closed for the night.

The phantom smell of cigar smoke is smelt. Smoking is not allowed in the palace but the last Queen of Hawaii did enjoy smoking her cigars. A bright light occasionally appears in one of the towers of the palace late at night.

Disembodied voices and whispers and phantom footsteps are also reported. Unexplained lights have been seen both in the building and all over the grounds.


Highway 61

Status: Natural Wonder; Battle Site; Mass Fatality Site; Suicide Site




In 1795 this site was where the final battle that united all the tribes of Oahu under the rule of King Kamehameha I. It was a very brutal battle resulting in the deaths of hundreds of warriors many of whom were pushed off the cliff.

At least 400 warriors were pushed to their deaths over the cliff.

It is now one of the most scenic spots on the island providing a windy but beautiful spot to admire the windward north shore. The view point is over 1,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean.

Nu‘Uanu Pali Drive was built over top of the old settlers trail over the mountain chain. It has now been replaced by the modern highway and is considered a scenic back road now.


Paranormal Activity

There are numerous accounts of paranormal activity both at the cliffs and on the road.

The ghost of Cassie walks along the edge of Nu‘Uanu Pali Drive dragging her decapitated head behind her by her spinal cord.

Cassie – a teenage girl - became depressed after her boyfriend dumped her for a cheerleader. Tragically, her depression became so overwhelming and she hung herself from a tree along the drive.

When Cassie didn’t come home that night her parents reported her missing but she wasn’t found for a few days. Meaning in the tropical heat and humidity speeded the decomposition process along and her head became separated from her body before she was found.

The next part of the story smells like an urban legend but who knows.

The scenic road is also used for couples to – shall we say – watch the submarine races. The boyfriend with his new cheerleader girlfriend were parked on the road “getting to know each other” through their lips when Cassie’s head fell right in front of the Cheerleader.

Cassie’s ultimate revenge some would say.

Ever since then the apparition of Cassie has been seen walking along the side of the road with her head trailing behind her.

In another version Cassie jumped to her death from the cliffs and when the former boyfriend brought the new girlfriend there he heard Cassie calling his name and urging him to follow her to the bottom via the same method.

The area along the road has belonged to the Hawaiian Goddess Pele – gifts for her were left here long before the first European invader – and she is known to despise another God – one that is half man and half pig. Taking any pork products through this area is highly unadvisable as sometimes burst into flames.

One man even claims a mug with pigs on it spontaneously shattered while driving down the road.

Several people even tell a story of cars that stalled and would not start until the pork was removed from the vehicle and thrown in the jungle. Never ever mess with a Goddess.

The mo’o mahine – a lizard like monster who can disguise itself as a beautiful woman – is also said to haunt the cliffs, trails and surrounding jungle. One story is off a man who passed a beautiful woman while walking along the trail. He was unable to get her out of her mind but upon reaching a clearing at sunset he was surprised to find the same woman.

The woman beckoned for him not to speak and to follow her as she led him right up to the edge of the cliff. The woman then disappeared, and he swears a reptilian monster standing on 2 feet rushed out of the jungle and tried to push him off the cliff. He was lucky to escape with his life.

At night people also report hearing the screams of the warriors eternally falling to their doom from the cliffs. Disembodied moans and voices are also heard at the bottom of the cliffs and thought to be the vocalizations of the dying warriors who survived the fall.


1 Arizona Memorial Place

(808) 422-3399

Status: USN Pennsylvania Class Super Dreadnought Battleship; Submerged in Pearl Harbor; Memorial





The Arizona was commissioned in 1914 to honor the state of Arizona’s admission into the Union. Her keel was laid in the Brooklyn Naval Yards and she was the second and last of the “Pennsylvania” class super dreadnought battleships.

She remained in the States for World War I but was part of the fleet that took President Wilson to the Paris Peace Conference.

In 1919 the Arizona was sent to the Mediterranean to represent American interests in the Grecco-Turkish War. Upon returning to the States, she was transferred to the Pacific Fleet in San Diego.

In the 1920’s and 30’s the Arizona participated in Fleet training exercises. In 1940 the ship – with the rest of the Pacific Fleet – transferred to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii to counter aggression by Imperial Japan.

She is the most famous ship sunk in the Pearl Harbor attack at a loss of 1,177 lives. Most of ships sunk in the surprise Japanese attack were refloated. The Arizona could not be as a bomb penetrated her magazine causing a massive explosion and damaging the ship beyond repair.

The Arizona Memorial was dedicated on May 30, 1962 to everyone who died in the attack June 7, 1941.

The memorial was built over the mostly submerged wreck of the ship. It does not touch the wreck at any point.


Paranormal Activity

It is said that one high ranking officer was not at his station during the attack as he had to attend to a personal matter. As with most of the crew of the ship he was killed in the attack. His apparition now wanders the decks of the ship at low tide still trying to make up for neglecting his duty at the worst possible time.

Feelings of intense and over whelming and sudden sadness are also reported. As well the intense terror the sailors must have felt during the attack is felt by some.