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Status: Historic Castle


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This castle was built in the second half of the 13th century. The order to built it was most likely came from Ottokar II Ruler of Bohemia. Folklore has other ideas but historically it is thought the castle was built to serve as an administration centre for his kingdom.

It is curious that the castle was built in an area filled with forests, swamps and mountains and with no ability to get water other than a rain cistern. There are no external fortifications and no kitchen and the castle is far from any trade routes.

In the 16th century it underwent some Renaissance renovations. While it is unclear if the castle was ever actually used as a noble residence in 18th century it was officially abandoned and fell into disrepair. It was renovated again in the early 19th century and then purchased by the German Princess Hohenlohe in 1897.

In 1924 it was purchased by the President of the Skoda Works. Other than during the Second World War it continues to be owned by his family.

The castle was opened to the public in 1999 and remains so today.


Paranormal Activity

This castle has long been thought of as one of the most haunted places in the world. This is due to the legend that it was actually built to keep something in, not out.

Legends says the castle was built to protect us from a Gateway to Hell. The hole does exist and its depth is unknown. Its in the chapel in the castle.

They say when the castle was built the prisoners who were to be executed from the village were brought up to the hole. They were told if they went down the hole as far as they could they would receive a full pardon.

The first man was tied and lowered into the pit. Within just a few seconds he began screaming and begging to be brought back up. When he was lowered down, he’d been a young man in his 20’s when they pulled him up, he had aged 30 years with wrinkles on his face and pure white hair.

The stories say he was completely incoherent, terrified and unable to communicate what he had seen. The man was taken to the nearest insane asylum where he died a few days later of unknown causes.

As mentioned above the castle was taken by its rightful owners in the World War II. This was done by the Nazis who occupied the castle until 1945 when the war was lost. It is unknown exactly what they did there but Hitler, Himmler and other top Nazis were very interested in the occult and how they could use it to defeat their enemies.

It is said that after the war the bodies of several Nazi officers were found near the hole. Perhaps they were sacrifices to the dark powers down the hole.

Before the castle was built legends say flying demons would rise of the out of the hole and snatch villagers before dragging them to Hell. People still report hearing something scratching underneath the floors of the castle trying to escape. There has also been howling and screams heard beneath the castle and from the hole itself.