Well Amonte

Status: Former Mining Town; Ghost Town

La Noria Directions

Humberstone Directions


When saltpeter was discovered in the Atacama Desert – a main ingredient in fertilizer and gunpowder – in the 19th century towns grew up out of the desolation to house workers.

La Noria was the first of these town; founded in 1826.

Humberstone came later in 1876.

By the peak of the mining these towns had over 3,000 people living in them both. It was a very hard life in a dry heat that could sap someone’s strength in mere minutes. Working in the mines was also very difficult and dangerous but it was a job with decent pay allowing the men to support their families.

In World War II synthetic saltpeter is invented by the Nazis in Germany sounding the death knell of these towns.

By the 1960s both La Noria and Humberstone were abandoned and had become ghost towns.

Humberstone is now museum and tours are available.


Paranormal Activity

La Noria far out into the desert – a very extreme environment – and only has one available road in (all other roads have been blocked). Should you decide to explore this desolate location bring proper clothing and footwear as well as more food and water than you think you’ll need.

Please remember there are still residents here that come out after dark. You want to investigate the paranormal activity; not become part of it.

There are no tours out to Humberstone after dark.


Shadow figures and full body apparitions are reported throughout the town. People also report disembodied voices, unexplained noises like knocks and loud bangs and doors opening and slamming on their own.

In the former theatre here, there are reports of an extremely fast-moving shadow figure moving through the ruins.

At the former school people see the apparitions of children looking out of the windows. As well the sounds of phantom footsteps are heard along with the disembodied laughter and phantom children still playing.

La Noria

Locals from the surrounding area will not go into this town after dark. If asked why they simply say “zombies”.

The town’s cemetery has been left unattended for decades and many of the graves have split open leaving human skeletons and remains clearly visible. Some have been opened by time and others by grave robbers but the locals insist they have seen others opened by the corpses themselves digging out; hence the zombies.

As with Humberstone reports of apparitions and shadow figures are prevalent in this ghost town. Phantom footsteps along with disembodied voices and screams are also heard.