(El Camino de la Muerte)(North Yungas Road)

Between La Paz and Coroico



This road was built in the 1930’s by Paraguayan POWs in the Chaco War. It was designed as road between the Capital, La Paz, and the farms in the Amazon rainforest area of Yungas. It is the longest continuous downhill road in the world.

The road was dug out of the sides of cliffs in the La Cumbre Pass in the Cordillera Oriental Mountains. It drops in elevation from 4,650 meters (15,255 feet) to 1,200 meters (12,926 feet) in only 69 kilometers 43 miles). In some places the cliffs rise over 1000 meters straight up above the road or plunge over 1,000 meters straight down. In most places there are no guard rails and the road is only 10 feet across at its widest.

Before 2009 – when the government built another modern 2 lane highway - it was the only road between these 2 areas and considered the most dangerous road in the world wit the large amount of traffic that used it daily. On average between 200 and 300 people died on the road every year including terrible bus accidents that killed everyone on board.

The road is still accessible to any vehicle should you dare to drive it but its mostly used by cyclists who ride downhill from one end to the other. This is seen as an extreme sport and more than 20 cyclists have died attempting it.

The road is now said to be only navigable by motorcycle upwards now as it has degraded terribly. The government stopped doing any maintenance on it after the new highway opened up.


Paranormal Activity

As mentioned above literally thousands of people have died on this road over the decades. The majority of them by going over the cliff edge. The sides of the road have many crosses and cairns left by loved ones who lost friends and family.

The ghosts of deceased are frequently seen the road sometimes standing near where they went over the cliff. They have also run in front of vehicles and cyclists – which could potentially very dangerous to the living – and flagged down rides on the road.

People have reported cold spots, disembodied voices, fatal accidents replaying themselves, light anomalies and feelings of being watched and not being wanted.