The End of Noisy Beyond Noisy Park


Status: Former 19th Century Castle; Former Orphanage; Formerly Abandoned; Completely Demolished


Pel Laurens - - Own work

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The castle was commissioned by Count Liedekerke de Beaufort after fleeing his former castle on the French border at the onset of the French Revolution.

In 1792 the Count and his family fled their original castle to hide on the outskirts of a country village in Belgium while revolution tore France apart. In 1866 they commissioned an English architect to build a castle on the same land – this would become Chateau Miranda.

The architect died before the massive castle was completed and the family brought in a French architect who extended and finished the massive neo-gothic castle. It served as a summer residence for the family for many years.

In 1903 the clocktower was completed and in 1907 the construction of the building was completed.

During World War II part of the Battle of the Bulge (1944 – 45) was fought on the grounds and the castle was briefly occupied by Nazi troops.

In 1950 the castle and grounds were taken over by the National Railway Company of Belgium and turned into an orphanage and holiday camp for kids with ongoing health issues.  The camp was for Flemish and French children year round and Italian children in the summer.

Contrary to popular belief the castle gained the named Chateau Noisy during the camp years not from the paranormal activity.

In 1990 it was attempted to turn the castle into a hotel but the expenses to refurbish it proved impossible. The castle was abandoned in 1991.

In 1995 a fire burned away part of the roof and the owner removed all the hardwood and marble and put it in another castle in Italy. Despite offers from the municipality to take over ownership and renovate the building the owner refused to let go of the property.

In 2005 a violent storm caused major damage to the castle.

In 2013 the owners petitioned to demolish the castle. At the end of 2016 demolition began and in 2017 was completed.


Paranormal Activity

Again, contrary to legends posted on the internet, this castle was never used for housing the insane.

Shadowy figures were seen moving in the castle; generally moving faster than the human eye could follow. Since the demolishment these same shadows are seen on the grounds where the castle was and in the surrounding forest.

Faces were occasionally peeking out of the castle when it was empty.

Phantom footsteps and disembodied voices were heard by those who entered the castle.

Phantom screams and laughter were often reported coming from the empty castle. This is probably where the stories of it being used as an insane asylum came from.

Since the demolishment these screams and laughter are still heard seemingly coming from either the surrounding trees or from the space where the castle once was.