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135 Walnut Street

(608) 356-2528

Status: Former Boarding House; Former Brothel; Former Bar; Murder and Fire Site


Originally built in 1864, this building was intended to be a boarding house.

It is unclear how long it served this purpose, but it was used for a rather rough and tumble bar and as a brothel.

By the 1920’s it had become a dive bar which would become a favored hang out for Prohibition gangsters including Public Enemy #1 Al Capone. The close vicinity of the train station made it the perfect place to meet on their way to their Wisconsin vacation homes.

The bar was closed in 1989 after what has been described as a disastrous fire.

The building remained abandoned until 2002 when BC Farr bought it with the intention of renovating it and reopening the bar.

The renovation awakened a haunting.

Legend says multiple people were murdered in the building.


Paranormal Activity

What follows is the experiences of BreezeBayBrie:

We ended up being broken down into 3 groups and rotated through the front bar/basement, back bar and the upstairs brothel.

My group started in the back bar with Aaron G. Thompson from 28 Days Haunted. He used the Necromantic App and his speaker. About a few minutes in, my name is said (I also have this on video). A few minutes go by and my name is said again. Aaron asks if I’ve ever been there before and I tell him no. My name is said 2 more times, so people start asking if they know me - yes, do they have a message for me - no. Then it stops and we start asking other questions again. But then my name is said two more times so Aaron and I are looking at each other like WTH?!?! So he asks them to validate it and say my name. They start to spell it: H-O-L-L-I then it stops and goes “Ga-brie-lle”. That is my first name, Brie is my nickname and I didn’t use that name there or tell anyone it except for when I signed my waiver. Then we hear “kiss”. So Aaron asks if they like me - yes. What does my suitor want to do with me -kiss. He then asks who wants to kiss me - YOU. At that point Aaron and I are both extremely red and the brunt of a few jokes. We start asking other questions then my name is said again 😳. They say they want me upstairs and that they want me to work, be a lady of the night 😳🫣😅.

We go to our next rotation and go downstairs and I caught an interesting picture on my way back up by myself. I’ll post that. While downstairs we hear a hiss from the back room, so I go to investigate it thinking it could be pop being dispensed upstairs or beer from the tap, or a vent releasing air. The room had none of that, but I felt off, unsettled and asked to leave.

Then we go to the brothel. I’m asked to sit in front of 2 mirrors since the spirits have taken a liking to me, in the portal. I start to feel constrained, but not in a menacing way, more like a tight hug. At this time a FLIR picture is taken of me, and there is a cold spot above my head. The guy across from me who took that picture, put a $100 bill on the table as a trigger object, but we didn’t get much from the Bugsy Box.

This guy then goes back into the “Red Room”, it’s a room redone in a way one of the ladies would of had her room. He sits on the bed and puts $20 on the bed and asks what he can get with that as a tip. He says that he hates the closet because it feels like a fun house effect in there, so I decided to go check it out. It’s about a foot deep and the door frame is the wingspan of my arms with my palms flat on the doorframe. I stand with my heels in and toes out and the floorboards behind me start to snap and pop. Everyone in the room (total of 5 of us) hear this. So I start taking pictures and caught something. I then put my palms on the doorframe and I start to have a hard time breathing. Not being pushed, or choked though.

I tell the guy this and he has his spirit box going on his phone. He asked me to describe it. I’ve worn corset’s before and I could LITERALLY feel the front and back strings being laced and pulled tight. It was the weirdest feeling EVER!! He asked if they are dressing me, and a man’s deep drawl comes through - YEP. The tightening feeling wore off, but I could literally still feel this corset on me!! He then asked if the ladies would be servicing him and the same males voice goes - NOPE. So then he asks will Brie be servicing me tonight - same male’s voice goes - YEP.

Evidently the spirits there likes me enough that I’m now hired in the brothel at the Old Baraboo Inn 😅.

The Closet Photos

Photos Courtesy of BreezeBabyBrie

Other Reported Activity: the ghost of a woman has been seen both in the bar area and dancing near the jukebox: she has been named “Mary”; another female ghost is known for pacing the upstairs hall and knocking on doors; phantom sounds of piano music and laughing on the upper floor; objects moving on their own, including dishes flying out of racks, and disappearing and an entity in the basement that has locked staff in the walk in cooler and turning out the light (if it likes you it might open the door).


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15401 County Road R

Maribel, Wisconsin 54227

(920) 683-4185

Status: Former Hotel; Ruins; Natural Wonder

 Park Website

Cherney Maribel Caves cave entrance.jpg

By Joshua Mayer - <a rel="nofollow" class="external free" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/wackybadger/7351146890/">https://www.flickr.com/photos/wackybadger/7351146890/</a>, CC BY-SA 2.0Link


Built in 1900 “Hotel Hell” earned it’s nickname due to an urban legend that an evil witch preformed a ceremony here that tore open a hole in reality and released a group of evil spirits (demons, dark entities whatever name you prefer) that terrorized the nearby town until a white witch sealed the tear and confined the evil spirits to the motel grounds.

Another urban legend concerns Al Capone actually owning the building - which as been proved as false - but it is quite possible the motel was used for storage for his bootlegging business.

The hotel did burn once sometime in the 1920′s but not twice in one night as another urban legend says. As with other urban legends the ones here seem to have a grain of truth in them but how much to believe is up to each individual person. What may be true is that the hotel burned again on the same date in the 1930’s and numerous guests were killed.

There is also a legend about a psychopath killing a number of guests staying at the hotel at some point in its history.

What can be confirmed is that in the early to mid-20th century this motel was a resort in which guests enjoyed the beauty and fresh spring water from the caves behind the building that extend underneath the building.

One theory for energy for a haunting is water running underneath a structure and that is certainly true in the case of this paranormally active location.

In 2013 a severe thunderstorm and tornado tore through this park destroying many of the trees and severely damaging what was left of the old motel.

The remains of the hotel are on private property and – because of the dangerous and unsafe conditions – the owner has requested no one enter the property.


Paranormal Activity

The former hotel is said to shine in the non-light of a new moon.

The third floor isn't accessible due to holes in the stairway – and may no longer exist - but reports from that floor are of cold hands touching and pushing you.

If you shine a flashlight at the second floor something will flash a light back at you (of course that sounds suspiciously like a reflection). Apparently, blood stains could be found on the floors of the motel while it still standing. The apparition of a little girl is frequently seen on the second floor.

Feelings of unease and threat in the basement. Screams come out of the basement as well a ringing bell can be heard and the sounds of wheels being turned. There is a smell like sewer gas in the bathrooms.

Moans and screams can be heard from the caves below the hotel. The apparition of a white carriage pulled by horses has been seen outside the motel. The sounds of horse’s hooves can be heard in the remains of the old stables.

In the caves behind the building laughing has been heard coming from the cave mouths. The apparition of a little girl in a black dress with no shoes on has been seen in the caves area. Only one cave door is still open as it was knocked open by a rock slide.

Witnesses say they have seen flames burning in the old well on the property giving more credence to the legend there is an open gateway to Hell.


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(Wood County Hospital)(Marshfield Scrap)

2304 South Galvin Avenue

Status: Former Lunatic Asylum; Tunnel Section and Barn are all that’s Left of the Original Asylum Buildings; Completely Demolished Otherwise


In 1909 the Wood County Board approved a site over 600 acres in size in Marshfield for the building of a new insane asylum; at its largest, the site would occupy over 1,000 acres.

Construction was begun on the asylum in 1910 and completed in 1911. The building could hold 250 patients with a staff of 19. Patients were expected to work at the on site farm as therapy.

In 1938 the name was changed to Wood County Hospital. By the end of the 1960’s the laws were changing and it was no longer legal to use the patients as free labor; which made the hospital farm no longer viable financially.

This change in the laws also resulted in a change in direction of the treatment of the mentally ill. When they were no longer useful as free labor the direction changed to the actual treatment of their maladies. The “cures” ranged from the inhumane such as electro-shock therapy for everything to schizophrenia to truancy to the eventual development of the psychiatric drugs such as anti-psychotics.

By the early 1970’s the population had begun to seriously dwindle and the decision was made to build a new facility and focus on moving the patients back into the community. In 1974 all remaining patients were moved to the new hospital – Norwood Health Center on North Chestnut Avenue – and this site was closed down and locked up.

The buildings remained abandoned – and frequently trespassed in – until 2003 when the owner of the land began a 3 year project to demolish the entire site.

The site of the former asylum main building is now part of Marshfield Scrap.


Paranormal Activity

Reports of paranormal activity date back to before the hospital was closed.

Apparitions of former patients and staff were seen both on the grounds and in the main building while the hospital was running; they were seen looking out of the empty windows when the facility was abandoned and now – very rarely – on the former grounds of the site and in the remaining part of the tunnel.

The most common apparition is that of a teenage girl with long dark hair.

One story says a man saw the face of the Devil in the Boiler Room but when he went in to confront the Devil he never returned. Yah that one reeks of an Urban Legend.

Disembodied voices, unexplained noises and EVPs captured on tape are very common at the site both before and after demolition. A photo was taken on site that looks very much like a phantom face coming right up to the camera.

According to the Marshfield Scrap website the following activity is still reported: a bell in their front office that is set up to ding whenever a car enters the property will go off on its own; they also say strange images will show on the CCTV system set up on site; they have ongoing issues with their computers and problems with interference on the phone lines and excessive lightning strikes.


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424 E Wisconsin Avenue

(414) 273-8222

Status: Operational Historical Hotel

Celebrity Videos

Hotel Website

The Pfister Hotel Tower cropped.jpg

title="User:Xnatedawgx">Xnatedawgx</a> (<a href="//commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Xnatedawgx" title="User talk:Xnatedawgx"><span class="signature-talk">talk</span></a>) - <a href="//commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Milwaukee_Wisconsin_pano2.jpg" title="File:Milwaukee Wisconsin pano2.jpg">Milwaukee_Wisconsin_pano2.jpg</a>, CC BY-SA 3.0Link


This hotel opened in 1893 with many modern conveniences including electricity, fire proofing and individual thermostat controls. It was built at a cost of one million dollars (34.2 million in 2023 dollars) by owners Guido Pfister and his son Charles.

The hotel was purchased in 1962 by Ben Marcus who completely renovated the interior and added the 13 story tower. The hotel is still owned by the Marcus Corporation.

The hotel has held the AAA 4 Diamond award for 37 years; since the award was first created. It is Milwaukee’s only 4 star hotel.


Paranormal Activity

The ghost of Charles Pfister has been seen by both guests and staff. He appears to be still watching over his investment and making sure everything operates smoothly. He is described as a slightly overweight man with positive energy.

He is most commonly seen on the grand staircase looking over the lobby and watching the hotel’s operations. He is also seen in the Minstrel’s Gallery above the Ballroom and on the 9th floor.

This hotel has become famous for its paranormal activity due to a number of celebrities (see link to videos above of celebrities talking about their experiences) including NBA and MLB players who have stayed at the hotel.

Apparitions – including one that was just a skeleton – have been seen. Phantom pounding on the headboard above a sleeper’s head has been reported. A laid out player’s uniform was moved from a table to the floor and the table was moved across the room.

Doors have open and closed on their own; as well, window blinds will open on their own. Disembodied voices have been heard and phantom knocks are heard on doors. Phantom footsteps were heard in a room but respected a living wishes when asked to stop so they could sleep.

Other Activity: Electrical disturbances; light anomalies; touches by unseen presences and feelings of not being alone and being watched.


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422 S 2nd Street

(414) 272-4222

Status: Former Cemetery; Former Speakeasy; Unique Bar, Restaurant and Airbnb


Reader Discretion is Advised: This Article, While Not Graphic, does Contain Descriptions of Underage Sex Workers and May be Offensive to Some.



In 1894 this building was built on a cemetery – it is unclear whether the remains were moved first or not; based on human history with other moved cemeteries my bet would be on not – as well as an orchard.

This being the warehouse district at the time it was originally used as a to hold wooden barrels of Schlitz beer before being transported to customers. In 1905 it was put up for sale and again used as a distribution center.

In 1922 Al Capone bought the building and disguised it as a soda bottling center. In reality it was Speakeasy with easy access to illegal alcohol from Canada – illegal due to the Prohibition – via Lake Michigan.

On the main floor the bar was set up, in the basement a gambling hall and on the upper floors a brothel with plenty of teen prostitutes to complete the immoral and illegal triumvirate. It was run by the mob – not known for their patience or sense of humor – so violence was a nightly affair.

Having numerous underage sex workers kept this location very popular – especially with the businessmen coming to the city for conventions – until 1945. We know of at least one murder but the torture and indignities suffered by these girls are beyond description or imagination.

After the illegal activities were finally shut down the building became a respectable bar providing entertainment and adult beverages for the warehouse workers in this area.

It is rumored that the infamous serial killer dubbed the “Milwaukee Cannibal” Jeffery Dahmer would often come here for drinks.

In 1986 the current owner – Bob Weiss – bought the building and opened up Shaker’s Cigar Bar. He quickly became aware of the spectral residents and paranormal activity in the building and decided to embrace it.

The bar has a distinct 1930’s atmosphere with Prohibition-era drinks and Ghost Tours offered on Friday and Saturday nights.


Paranormal Activity

This location is considered of the 5 most haunted bars and restaurants in America.

Many people who take the weekend ghost tours have genuine paranormal experiences. This location is one of the very rare places where people can safely visit a very active site even without the years of training that experienced paranormal investigators need to have for most locations like this.

Both the owner and staff have uncountable stories of encountering paranormal activity.

Through hours of research Bob – the owner – has been able to identify some of the ghosts that call the building home. Plus, information beyond its really not a good idea to build on old cemeteries and the terrible mistreatment of fellow human beings will result in etheric energy that echo from the past.

Firstly, we have Elizabeth a young girl who fell from an apple tree in the orchard that used to behind the cemetery resulting in a broken neck and death. She tends to hang out in the bathrooms and likes to knock on the stall doors giving people a scare she probably finds very amusing. Some women have seen legs and a pair of 19th century shoes under stall doors.

The basement has such powerful negative energy is has caused physical reactions from the living. The sense of danger and not being wanted is so strong 2 federal officers actually drew their guns while going down the stairs for no reason they could describe – which should give you an idea as to the level of dark energy down there.

One beer delivery guy who entered the basement to bring up empty bottles quickly fled the building when he was done.

Also in the basement is the ghost of man in overalls. He has been seen by people on the tour and is known to respond to yes or no questions by affecting diving rods.

The third floor is now called “The Penthouse” and rentable as an Airbnb. When the current owner took over, he found the skeleton a female in the wall here; she is thought to be a murdered teen prostitute from the Speakeasy days.

Considering her method of death, she’s actually quite harmless, and seems to be just lonely. She will definitely let the living know she’s there. She likes to play with the lights, turn the TV on and off, touch the living guests, speak to the guests, move the guest’s stuff and may cry if you ignore her.

Apparently more than one guest has turned in their keys after staying as little as an hour and a half after checking in.

Other Reported Activity: full body apparitions; shadow figures; unexplained fog appearing over your head; objects moving on their own; feeling as if the building is swaying back and forth; doors opening and closing on their own; disembodied voices; lights and faucets turning on and off on their own; unexplained knocking; a sudden feeling that you are in imminent danger and feelings of not being alone and being watched.


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(Sheboygan County Insane Asylum)

N3773 Garden Parkway

Status: Former Care Facility; Abandoned; Private Property



This facility was built in 1940 as a care facility for the elderly, mentally ill and developmentally disabled. Despite the name is brackets above – and what many people believe – this facility was never known as the Sheboygan County Insane Asylum.

Although, it is labeled on Google as the Sheboygan Insane Asylum so. . .

The truth is that name was actually used by another institution that was once inside of Sheboygan that was torn down in 1960. It was located where N 23rd Street is between Kohler Memorial Drive and Superior Avenue. Much of it used to be where the Pay n Save is now.

This facility was opened in 1880 to replace the original asylum built – and long since demolished – in the now ghost town of Winooski.

Unlike it’s predecessors this facility is still standing; albeit on private property.

From 1944 to 1945 the US Military took over the property, renamed it Camp Sheboygan, and moved German and Italian POW’s that were considered too high of a security risk to hold in the United Kingdom. They were used to work the fields of the facility.

In 1969 the hospital was used for addiction treatment as well as the mentally ill.

In 1978 it switched over to the developmentally disabled and patients with chronic illnesses although this was beginning to change again when the facility closed in 2002.


Paranormal Activity

This site is private property. Please do not enter it unless you are part of a paid ghost tour.

There are numerous stories of people being charged for trespassing after illegally entering it.

The reports of paranormal activity date back to when the facility was still open.

The following activity has been reported here:

Shadow figures (one far larger than any human form who was photographed in the underground tunnel system); phantom sound of a young girl humming; physical attacks on the living; disembodied voices; phantom screams and whispers; unexplained noises including sudden loud bangs; doors opening and slamming on their own; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen entities with hair pulling being the most common; phantom footsteps; objects moving on their own and feelings of being watched and not being wanted.


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Status: Accident Site

This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.

Story and Paranormal Activity

We don’t normally post locations where we cannot find the exact location of the reported paranormal activity. This location gets an exception because of 2 reasons: 1) the graves of the Kringle family showing their death date of March 3, 1985 on all three headstones which takes this beyond an urban legend and gives an idea as to the accident site as it is said to be only minutes to their grave sites; 2) we’ve spent quite a few hours researching this location so please indulge us lol.

On the night of March 3, 1985, the Kringle family – Richard, Rose and their daughter JoDee – were traveling through a blizzard when their car went through the guard rail and ended up landing upside down in a swampy area. The entire family was tragically drowned.

The accident site is said to be a few minutes away – they are buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery just north of Webster – from their burial site. We were unable to find the exact site but, despite the name, it is probably not on a bridge at all. Per people who were alive at the time of an accident the car landed in a swampy area on the side of the road and were not on a bridge at all.

It is reported as being on County Road B which is a fairly long road south of Webster closer to Siren.

We could not locate the exact accident site but if anyone knows please leave it in the comments below.

There are numerous reports of people passing the accident site and picking up a little girl’s voice saying either “I can’t get out” or “Help me Mommy, I can’t get out”. Her voice will come through the on the radio cutting away whatever station is playing.


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Windy Bay Lane

Status: Former Residence; Formerly Abandoned; Completely Demolished


This structure was originally built early in the 20th Century to be used as a fishing lodge. In 1916 it was purchased by Robert Lamont and extensively remodeled to become the family home. It is said that the maids told Mr Lamont that the house was haunted but he never believed them until he and his wife were confronted by an apparition in the kitchen one morning while eating breakfast. Mr Lamont took out his pistol and fired at the ghost – the bullets, of course, passed right through the apparition - and went through the basement door. Legend says that these bullet holes could be seen until someone stole the door from the ruins of the house. Whether the legend is true or not the Lamont family abandoned the house in the 1930′s.

From the 1940′s to the 1960′s the house remained largely vacant although it was owned by the Keefer family. During this time the only reports of paranormal activity was an intense feeling of unease and not being wanted.

In the 1970′s the mansion became the home of Arnold and Ginger Hinshaw who had either 4 or 6 children. The family attempted to remodel the house once again but had issues keeping workmen working on the house due to ongoing paranormal activity. During this time Mr Hinshaw claims to have found a human skull with wisps of long dark hair in a hidden recess but these bones were later found to have disappeared. 6 months after moving into the house Mr Hinshaw suffered a mental breakdown and Mrs Hinshaw attempted suicide. The family claimed multiple accounts of paranormal activity while they resided in the house.

The house was then taken over by Ginger Hinshaw’s Father, Raymond Bober, who had plans to turn the home into a restaurant. Again, the remodeling began and again there were problems keeping a staff of workers. There are claims of objects going missing and rooms changing dimensions sometimes in photos taken only seconds apart or furniture showing up in photos that had long since been removed. By 1979 Mr Bober had abandoned his plans of remodeling the house.

Mr Bober published his experiences in a book under the name Wolfgang Von Bober and an episode of “A Haunting” on the Discovery Channel was filmed based on the Hinshaw’s experiences. In June of 1988 the house was struck by lightning and caught fire leaving only the foundation and chimney intact in modern times. It was also known as a hangout for local teens who may have left a fire burning.

The property is now owned by family in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada who have also reported continued paranormal activity.

This property is privately owned and closed to the public. You will need permission to enter the grounds.


Paranormal Activity

The apparition of a man, as well as of a woman, in what was formerly the dining room. Shadow figures sliding along the ground and walls of the foundation. Disembodied whispers, electrical disturbances, phantom footsteps, mysterious mists and light anomalies.

Objects disappear and/or move on their own. Intense feelings of general unease, not being wanted and of being watched are also reported. Time slips are commonly reported with people seeing either the entire mansion or certain rooms in their former glory of the early 20th century.


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